Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's my turn and it's kind of a surprise...

I have another trip planned for this summer - just one more - and it!

I'm flying to Illinois to visit my friend (and fellow blogger) Marcee, a.k.a. frugalmom. She has asked me to come a few times over the last year, but the timing has never been quite right. Well, this time, the timing is perfect: in honor of her upcoming birthday (August 12th!), I will be making the 2,175 mile trip to her house.

I'm "A", she's "B", for anyone geographically challenged (like me!):

Do you know want to know what one of the best parts of today's trip is?

She. doesn't. know. I'm. coming. today.

Oh, she knows I'm coming for a visit (I'm not *that* crazy) but she thinks I'm arriving on Monday, not on Saturday. snicker, snort, chuckle. :-)

Gosh, I hope she won't be mad.
But if she is, I'll blame it all on her husband. It was his idea, after all.

I wonder if she'll put me to work.


  1. Oh..she will be so surprised. Keep us updated.

  2. Okay, I get it. Jim must have launched your blog post? Because surely your good buddy would have known had it been posted earlier. Have a great time, as I know you both will, and Happy Birthday Marcee! What a great surprise.

  3. Aha! You told me you were going away, but I didn't know where. I figured it had to be some kind of surprise.

    And Aha! again, Marcee's birthday is August 12th. She is a Leo girl just like me. Happy Birthday early Marcee!

    Have fun you two. Don't organize the spice cabinet to death, OK?

  4. Hooray! What a fun birthday surprise!

    Have a fabulous time!



  5. What a wonderful birthday surprise! I can't imagine how much fun you two are going to have.... well, ARE having. I guess you're there now! Have a great visit. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  6. How exciting!! Have fun! Who's taking care of the farm while your gone??

  7. Hooray!!! Have loads of fun after she strangles you for showing up before she has clean sheets on your bed and has run a quick swish through the bathroom. :)

    Please post pics!!

  8. And it was a surprise, too. Imagine me, coming inside from watering my sunflowers(in the dark), walking towards the patio door and seeing farmgirl sitting in my spot on the couch. WTH? I think that may have been what I said...Im not entirely sure.

    And, of course, there she was with camera in hand. :) And I think maybe she was a little surprised too....I just dont think they were expecting me to come in from outside.

    At any rate...its a fantastically, amazing, wonderful, birthday surprise.

  9. Have fun in Illinois! Welcome to corn and soybean country!

  10. Happy Birthday Marcee!! Danni it's just a hop skip and a jump from there to my house!!! See you soon!!! hahahaha
    Have loads of fun!

  11. What a great surprise! Could you sneak Darby home for me?
    You are a good friend. Your call meant the world to me.

  12. What a lovely surprise! I have no doubt that you'll have fun. Yay!

  13. Have a good time! Sounds fun! :-P

  14. Hey Kelly &/or Alex - yes, she was *very* surprised. It was a good day! :-)

    Hi CA Grammy - With Blogger, you can schedule posts in advance to post at a specific time. :-)

    Farmer Jen - yes...a surprise...I couldn't say anything for fear of her finding out! :-) p.s. she hasn't set me to spice organization...yet! :-)

    Thanks, Dina!!

    Hi Penny - yes, it's been a lot of fun so far - we may have to ask you to sign the non-disclosure agreement, though, if you want to see the pictures! lol

    Hi Lynn @ Razzberry Corner - Thanks for your comment! My sweet husband is tending the farm while I'm gone. Nice guy, huh? :-)

    Hey CeeCee...guess what? She *totally* had everything all ready for me. Who does that anyway? Who in the world has everything ready THREE DAYS before company comes?? Not me, that's for certain - but this woman was PREPARED! lol

    Hi Erin!! Land of corn and soybeans is right....every field is either, you got it...corn or soybeans! :-)
    Fortunately, I find both crops very pretty, so it all works out. lol

    Hey goatgirl - Ohhhh Darby...what a funny little girl. She is so energetic and enthusiastic about absolutely everything, it's hilarious! She is the perfect kids' dog - she loves K. J. & G. like you wouldn't believe and seriously plays right along with every game they're playing. I've laughed so hard watching her...

    Hi carolynn! yes, we're having a lot of fun. It's really great to be here (finally).

    Thank you, Pricilla!! :-)

    Hey Melli - Vielen Dank - wir haben immer wahnsinning viel Spass, wenn wir zusammen sind! :-) Du hast bestimmt doch auch solche sonder-Freundinnen, nicht wahr?

  15. I think you probably owe her a good bit of work!

  16. That's brilliant. Hope you're having a fabulous time Danni! My hubby and I did exactly the same thing to some friends of ours in Iowa. The husband was in on it, the wife didn't have a clue and we stayed for a month!!!!! We flew over the pond for her birthday too(-: It was a great time.


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