Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's happened since the snow

It's not the prettiest time in my part of Oregon right now.
The remaining snow from our December snowstorm has been plowed off to the sides of the roads:

Leaving huge piles to melt slowly:

and grow increasingly dirtier:

Who'd think it would take so long to go away:

The freezing temps are gone and the more familiar Pacific Northwest rains have returned...with a vengeance. While my area was not hit as hard my blogging friend, Tammy at Wrensong Farm, who lives in southwest Washington, we have certainly felt the impact.

Normally small and unseen creeks are close to overflowing:

This person's yard has a new water feature:

Nice rainbow, though:

This farmer's field is not supposed to be a lake:

And, fortunately, while the water is very close to the road's edge, it hasn't flooded the road - this time:

The broader impact of these rains has been large. The major north/south interstate freeway (I5), running through California, Oregon and Washington, was shut down in Washington for a number of days due to freeway flooding. My favorite market, Trader Joe's, has been unable to get their deliveries:

This has left many of their refrigerated cases:

produce stands:

and shelves completely bare:

On a happy note, though, that pretty rainbow followed me all the way home:

Just as an FYI, I don't go anywhere without my little pocket camera. I would sooner leave without my shoes than without my precious picture-taker. So, while in my local farm store the other day, I saw this interesting message on the outside of my chicken scratch grain bag. My farm and feed store wants me to know that they are doing their part to help my family out during this struggling economic times:

That *is* a really good price.


  1. Those shots of the new water features in the neigbouring farms look soooo gorgeous,The grubby snow ain't so pretty!

  2. It will snow again and cover up all of that dirty snow and mud with pristine white sparkly snow crystals.

  3. Wow, you actually have green grass under your snow! How fabulous is that?! When (if) our snow ever melts, our grass is dead brown and nasty. Oh, to see some green....

  4. Sorry to see you are still in drought conditions there. LOL

    It looks like that old saying; "When it rains, it pours." was coined in your area.
    I hope you have a boat, you may need it for your next trip to town.
    That is a good price for scratch feed, I am paying almost $3.50 more here.

  5. That's a lot to deal with! I hope the road doesn't flood.

  6. Danni...I've got at least 2 1/2 more months before our snow banks look like that!! Unless I move to Alabama before then...It's going to get really cold by tomorrow morning -21 before the wind chill. and it's going to be windy! Put a light in the guinea coop...it looks like we have neighbors out back!! hahaha!

  7. Wow, those are some bare cupboards! And you are a woman after my own heart, carrying your camera with you wherever you go. I am NEVER without a camera.

  8. That piled up snow is gross!

    Do you guys have a boat? Cause it's kind of looking like you might need one. I hope the flooding in your area gets under control soon.

  9. Ewwwww, I know what you mean, I like that snow is so pretty, but when it gets all gray and slushy in the city it's just annoying....

    Nice pictures! Roxy's so cute :).

    ...soooo....any news on when you're getting more donkeys?!!! You NEED more!!!!!!! :)

  10. It looks much the same around here, although we haven't had quite the rise in water that you've had. No roads closed, that I'm aware of.

  11. You read my mind just as I was thinking about you and your camera you commented on your camera vs your shoes! Thanks for the shots, especially of the rainbow.

  12. Kinda scary how much stuff is delivered just in time! It doesn't take long to run out! The pics w/o snow are still very pretty though!

  13. So true, snow is always pretty for a few days, then the melting a huge mess!

  14. Yep I have been seeing the water rise and lower for a couple of weeks now. There is a golf course mid point between town and our place that floods from the Mohawk River and it looks so strange to see the trees out in the middle of the river when that happens. Oh and don't you just love a rainbow?

  15. Hi Danni, wanted to stop by in reply to a comment you left for me today. I'm not sure what is going on as far as the blog mess up, how this happened is beyond me. I really don't get alot of time to blog, so haven't had a chance to figure out much, besides, commenting and posting... Sure am sorry about the mix up!


  16. Yuk, that was always the worst part of the snow when I lived in Missouri---the dirty piles of it that stayed around forever. It gets downright ugly.

    We had a shortage of food in the stores here when Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast.

    Flooding---oh how I wish we could have a tenth of their rain. Last year (2008), we were down over 20 inches for precipitation.


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