Thursday, January 15, 2009

It was a good day

I've been feeling more than a little animal deprived these last few months. Two months have gone by since I was able to find a home for the last of my foster donkeys. Critter Farm just hasn't felt the same since.

So strong was my desire for a fuzzy, furry animal fix, that on my way back from our small town post office yesterday, I spontaneously stopped in at my friend Dale's place to see what kind of animal activity he has going on. Dale's is a good place to go to when I need a big-animal boost. He's the local dairy farmer (and my grass hay supplier when I have donkeys that need food) and owns 400 head of dairy cattle. One of his girls is always calving, so very cute baby cows are always to be found:

This guy definitely had his eye on me:

But what I really had my heart set on was the goats. Dale normally only has one goat, but he currently has nine others (and a sheep), which he is keeping for a friend while the friend finishes building his new barn.

It's a bit crazy how happy seeing these faces made me:

This one, in particular, wanted to be my new best friend:

And then I found these guys. Awwwwwww...:

These little sweeties were born right around Christmas. I couldn't help myself, I had to join them in their pen. This kinda wigged them out at first:

But then this little guy started coming in for a closer sniff:

Everybody else wanted to know what we were doing. Curious bleating accompanied these curious faces:

My less-than-perfect attempt at a self-portrait:

I guess the little guy decided I was ok. He began climbing on me. Oh, it felt so good to be climbed on!:

The babies would run over to me to say hi, jump with all fours into the air, and then race back over to mama to suckle a bit:

I included this picture just because it is so...odd. Mama was extremely patient.:

Now this is the part where Dale's young son, Andy, and his friend began asking to take pictures of me with the baby goats. How could I say no?:

I didn't realize at the time that they took a number of great shots:

Action shot:

In case you were wondering, these guys were still bleating and still curious. Look at the personality in these faces!:

There's something incredibly endearing about a goat who rests his big ol' head in your hand:

What more could I have asked for? I got all this *and* the sun was out!:


  1. But wait! Wasn't the end of the story supposed to be when Dale said, "go ahead, take those two there home with you"?

  2. I was expecting the same ending as the7msn! Such great photos though - I'm sure you left smiling!

  3. Awwww those goats are so sweet. The thing I love the most is their little soft floppy ears. Aren't they the sweetest thing?

  4. Great lil friends are those furry fellas....I too am envious.

  5. Has it really been that long since the donkeys left? Man, you need some more animals. When are they coming and what will they be? We looked at a donkey today, I'm still undecided and will probably post about it later tonight.

  6. Oh Danni, (sounds a bit like an Irish song, better wait while I pour my self a wee noggin o the Creature.)

    Better now,

    If I'da known you were in need of a fuzzy face I'd a sent you one o my wee goat babies. We just sold some, and I could have shipped one for the cost of selling them. Hope you find a companion soon. We do still have a baby "pony?" that I'd love to find a home for, but R has already bonded so that won't happen. (He actually got a book from the library - The Foaling Primer, read it, and has been following the bonding program. He is 8 so what ever reading and acting he does is OK with me.) Still don't know if we have a pony re a mini mule, but she is staying none the less.

  7. Looks like you had a great time. And it was so nice of you to pick out only the best photos of yourself for posting (do you detect sarcasm here?).

  8. I must admit that I was feeling you were animal deprived too. All that room, all those cute barns....and no critters. We will have to do something about that!

    Aren't goats cute? Especially the babies.

  9. Wow, I'm just amazed you didn't bring any of those goats home. How did you resist? Looks like you had a great "fuzzy" day.

  10. All very cute and very fuzzy. I too, love their floppy ears. It's good that you have neighbors that you can visit to get your animal "fix". Will you be getting any goats?

  11. Glad you got your fuzzy fix;) When are you going to some more?

  12. Well, I must say. Im not sure what to say. Just gimme a minute, okay?

  13. Hey chiot's run - They aren't just sweet to look at, their little temperments are so much fun. Jumping suddenly into the air and climbing on *everything* - I couldn't stop laughing! :-)

    Hi 7MSN - Oh, I know...sorry to disappoint. But it's not *time* yet.
    But also...yes., by the way, Dale did ask me which one I wanted and said he would tell his friend that I was interested. :-)

    Hi Claire - It was a good day for me, someday soon I'll have some more little personalities in my life.

    Hi egghead - They all were incredibly sweet - even Mr. Billy Goat - (Smelly, I called him) loved me up. I sure smelled when I got home. lol

    Hi there ABoCC: They really are a lot of fun...but they all looked like they wanted out and I can only imagine the trouble they all would've loved to have gotten into! :-)

    Hi christy - sigh. Yes. It's been too long. I hope this spring, when things warm up and dry out a bit, to replenish my critters - and on more than one level. (ooooo, how mysterious) :-)

    Hi alan - Now that was fun, I don't think I've ever been sung to in comments before. Oh, no, wait, sugarcreekstuff stops by here and raps quite frequently. :-) I have to say, I'm partial to the Irish songs, though. lol. Wouldn't the shipping across the country have been awfully traumatic for those little goaties? Wish we lived closer to each other, though. I'd be there in a second to meet little Franny.

    Hi greywolf, Now, I'll just pretend that you truly are appreciative of all those photos of myself that I post. Hey, if I ever pass you on the street I want you to recognize me, you know? lol

    Hi goatgirl - I had so much fun with those goats, I can't tell you. I can't believe I showed up there without treats - fortunately, I still managed to entertain them.

    Hi mim - did you see the hat? :-) Fortunately for me, nobody was offering any of those goats to me to take home, so I really didn't have to *resist*, I just really enjoyed the moments I was there and dreamed about the day when I *will* get to have my own. :-)

    Howdy farmer jen - I hope to someday have a couple or few goats. As goatgirl mentioned, I certainly have the room and the housing for them...but there are other things that need to be considered before I just jump in there and do it. But I'm hoping...and dreaming... :-)

    Hey adventure girl wanna be: My fuzzy-fix - ha ha ha. Indeed. Regarding when I'll get some, see above. :-) Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Stay tuned. :-)

    Aw frugal mama - knock yourself out - take all the time you need. :-)

  14. Okay. I am just so happy for you that I was speechless for a moment.

    It made me smile very big to see you with the goats. To see and to hear all the happiness in your face(while maybe a little blurry) and in your voice. I know you must have been laughing like crazy the whole time at all their antics. It is all so very tangible to me.

    Oh. And was your vehicle in a safe spot? Cuz I hear those goats can escape and that they have great fun walking on vehicles....Im just sayin.

    And your Oregon sun looks very sunny. If I do say so myself.

  15. Oh Danni, methinks a couple baby goats would be grand living at Critter Farm. "Our" Destiny is presently pregnant with two babies (at least, maybe three) due in March.

  16. What're you waiting for Danni...just grab a goat a go home!!

  17. Danni, how can a girl notice the hat when the pictures of the goats have entranced her? And the blurry pictures made her a little motion sick? And WHERE was the dedication? LOL

  18. Goaties are scumptious! I'm glad you had so much fun!!

  19. You ought to get some goats...just for the down times w/o donkeys! Brush control in the summer, bed warmers in the winter...can't be beat!

    btw, my word verification was gonefunk that's awesome!

  20. You don't have have to have goats. They are by far the most useful of farm animals. I am shocked that you didn't bring one home with, we did that a subaru, lol! What over the top cute pics!

  21. Oh, my - how sweet!

    I wasn't a goat person at all until I got my dairy goats. Now it's looking as if it's a real possibility that we'll be moving to a place that will necessitate us finding new homes for almost all of our animals. I don't think I'll be able to cope, and I just hate the thought of selling my goats around here - goats are not treated well around here. Want some of my beauties?

  22. How could you leave without taking one of those adorable little bundles with you? I thought for sure you'd end up with one. I would love to have goats but can't because they eat the bark off the pecan trees.
    I have a question. When did you start feeding your chickens oatmeal? That is the coolest thing!
    RiverBend Farm

  23. I've been blog hopping this evening and found my way here. Love the pictures and I scrolled on down and saw the sour dough starter and pancakes. They look so good! Can you pass on the recipe for the pancakes I would love to make them?

    Take Care :)

  24. Finally had a minute to pop in and visit your blog.
    Those goats are all adorable. Not sure I could have gotten out of there without one in my coat :) Love all the pictures.

    Thank you for visiting our Tylerfarm blog and leaving such a nice comment. I have never been to Oregon but have seen some beautiful photos on another blog I frequent. Absolutely beautiful country you live in.
    Hope you can visit us again.


  25. Goats! Yes! Goats!!!! Aren't we fabulous??? Danni needs goats!!! Now then, what IS that shiny roundish thing in the end shot?

  26. That was too cute! I loved the little goaties, but then again, I am very partial to them... I'm glad you got to have that quality moment, but even gladder that you brought your camera so that you could share! Enjoyed the visit very much.
    Warm greetings from West Africa, where the sun for once is not shining!

  27. I love, love, love goats. These photos are so wonderful, and now I feel like I have my furry fix, too. Thanks!

  28. don't you just love those little goatie smiles!? You are a bit overdue for adding some more furry faces to your farm. Maybe I could interest you in a Shetland or a Jacob lamb? :) (they're due in the Spring). Thanks for sharing your critter fix with us!

  29. Not that I don't appreciate a good goat photo, especially the litte yoga goat under it's mom...

    ...I want some updates of the things going on now.
    I guess I am bossy. ;-)

  30. Hey, Danni...I have a little something for you to pick up over at my place.

  31. Great pictures, the animals looked like they really enjoyed your company.

  32. Oh man, baby goats...takes me to where my husband refers to my Happy Place (big happy sigh!)


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