Monday, January 5, 2009

My husband the hero and my friend, Jen

Due to the freakish two-week snowstorm that northwestern Oregon recently experienced (you know...the one I keep going on and on about), FedEx, DHL and UPS delivery services all but ceased to function here between the dates of December 14th and January 1st. This created the ultimate nightmare for people (me, my friends, my entire family) who happen to do much (ok, almost ALL) of their Christmas shopping by mail and, well, yes, wait until mid December to do that shopping. December 31st, we were more than itching to get our holiday packages.

Interestingly, one new fact we've learned about living out in the country where we do is that when things start to melt "in town", they aren't necessarily melting out here. Kudos to the FedEx delivery driver who came down our road at noon on December 31st. I felt really bad when he couldn't get back up the hill.

Here is my sweet husband trying to assist the delivery driver in getting some traction to get back out. FedEx man tried chains, but the road was too steep to even put them on:

Unfortunately, all our packages were coming via UPS.

Later, I was out with the chickens when I heard the UPS truck at the top of the hill, clearly heading right back out and not about to come down our way. Heavy sigh. Then, miraculously, I heard the sound of my Jim's voice..."Well, hello there!"

It dawned on me that my husband must have heard that truck a few minutes earlier, hiked up our road and -literally- positioned himself in the road so the UPS truck would have to stop and talk to him.

Roxy couldn't figure out why her master was yelling from the top of the hill:

About 10 minutes later, this was the sight at the front door:

Jim's PDS (personal delivery service), yay!

This one was addressed to me:

Awwww, this is fun:

Months and months ago, I complimented Farmer Jen at Mountain Harvest Basket on the beautiful chickens sculptures in her yard...and I am now the proud owner of my own metal chicken family:

Now, Jen has clearly instructed me that these beauties are supposed to go outside in my yard with my holiday light-covered rooster (Rusty), but (shhhh!) don't you think they look really nice here on my dining table?:

Why, they're beautiful enough to be a table centerpiece (thank you SO much, Jen):

In fact...this was New Year's Eve and we were having a party. Look at this beautiful table. Between Jen's beautiful hen and chick family and Sugar Creek Stuff's delightful place mats from my pal, Marcee, it was an incredibly festive and happy table, indeed:


Beyond having a hero farm husband, I have very wonderful, thoughtful, and fun friends. I am a lucky girl.


  1. You are a very lucky girl Danni! Cheers to your good friends and that great husband of yours! May the snow melt and the chickens make it to the out of doors!!!

  2. That Mr Jim. Hes such a great guy. He takes such good care of you. I think you should make him some cookies. Maybe dark chocolate chip. Or wait. How bout some boston cream pie bars. Ive seen a picture of those before.

    That was so sweet of Farmer Jen to send you that little chicken family. Look how cute it is. It looks great on your table. And Im sure they will look great outdoors, too.

  3. We understand this...even today the UPS man would not come on our road. The FedEx man was actually brave enough and made it! Yay! Though, sadly, he didn't bring any Peanuts. Now you know if you had a pack goat or two, they would be more than happy to carry packages for you. (Shhh...don't tell anyone I said that.)

  4. Anything Michelle at SugarCreekStuff whips up, I dearly adore. The chick placemats with the chicken family, you should send a tablescape photo to Martha Stewart or Sandra Lee.

    A husband that is constantly looking after you - priceless. I am fortunate enough to have that too.

  5. What a great guy you have there! And, I LOVE those chickens!! I wouldn't put them outside either.

  6. Jim has a nice smile.
    I love the metal hen and chicks.
    Your table looks divine if I do say so myself.;-)

  7. Hey..I remember those candle holders

  8. You are a lucky one those chookies are gorgeous And I think too nice to go outside.
    Your table really does llook super lovely set up with all the goodies you got.
    What a heroic hubby too

  9. Your table looks great!
    I'll toast to good friends and good husbands :)

  10. Adorable chickens grace your beautiful table. Great way to ring in the new year. I also like the pine tree candle holders.

  11. Your post made my day, Danni! I am so happy you finally received the chicken family and that Rusty will no longer be alone. I love those new placemats too! Very cute. Your table looked wonderful. I liked those candle holders too. Your Jim really is your hero. You have a great partner there.

  12. Why did the chickens cross the table? There's a punch line in there somewhere.

    Hey, I just saw your weather forecast for today - 7" of rain? Is that possible? Hang in there.

  13. Yes you are!!!! A very lucky girl! And very well loved!! :) Lovely table danni, glad you had a good New Year.

    PS- Maude-I checked the box!

  14. That is no good. I sure hope you don't still have FedEx truck sitting there. LOL

    I loooovvvvve those chickens. Come spring I'm going to have to post about my jump roping rooster.

    Hey, are those sugercreekstuff placemats. Those are nice!

  15. Those might be the best kind of chickens to buy for my little farm (easy maitenance).

  16. ahhh aren't hubby's good to have around? Your's sounds like a keeper! BTW, I recognize that box with the sideways grin on it, what did you get from amazon?

  17. Holy S&*T....did Agnes say she checked the box? Really?

    Its not nice to tease people, Agnes. Im sure they taught us that at finishing school. That must have been the day you skipped.

  18. Da konntet Ihr an Silvester ja dann endlich Weihnachten feiern!:)
    Ich hoffe, so langsam verbessert sich die Wetterlage bei Euch wieder!
    Hier ist es mittlerweile sehr kalt geworden und es hat auch geschneit!

    Ich wünsche Dir ein gutes und glückliches Jahr 2009!
    Liebe Grüße, Monika

  19. Well! I'm pretty sure we were also taught not to swear at people in finishing school as well. Just how many days did you miss, Ms Maude?

  20. You do have a wonderful husband and great friends!

    I LOVE your table set-up!!! I have one of Marcee's Sugar Creek chicken pillows...I originally bought be never made it off my sofa! :) I need to save up to buy more of her chicken and llama stuff!!

    I also have that metal Chicken and chicks out on my back patio....they have finally reappeared from being covered with all that snow! :)

  21. They have done Cow sculptures and Horse sculptures throughout New York City over the past years...I'm going to believe these metal chickens are next !! They get my vote !!

  22. Neat gift! Glad you were able to get your packages with some help from your husband.

  23. I have that same mother chicken who resides on top my refrigerator. It is a gift from my oldest sister but I didn't know there were babies. AWWW! I love them on your table and those place cute. I actually have placed an order from sugar creek for a pillow with a chicken on it. I love her stuff.

    So glad the gifts finally came and I hope the snow is melting off now.

  24. Those chickens are so cute. I love them. How are you going to bear to put them outside?


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