Sunday, December 14, 2008


Our local weather forecasters are all heaving a collective sigh of relief. They were right: the snow came!

It's not a lot, but it's enough to make everything look pretty:

and make me feel like I live in a mountain cabin:

I was anxious to check the chickens. For such a chilly morning, of course they received hot oatmeal delivered to their door:

When I opened their little door, they took one look at the snow and stopped dead in their tracks:

Nobody made it farther than this down the ramp:

So we tried the front door. What's funny about this picture is that whenever I open these two front doors, as a rule, EVERYONE comes flapping out:

Not this time. It was safer to stay inside, apparently:

So now, not only did they receive breakfast delivered, it was pretty much hand-fed. Spoiled chickens:

An oatmeal frenzy:

Finally, after a hearty meal, they decided to venture out. For about 90 seconds. All together. In a pack:

And then they all ran back inside:

One by one:

Until noone was left outside:

Except for Dot:

Silly Dottie. With snow on her back:

Hiiiii Roxy:

Then it was off to get our Christmas tree. There is a beautiful place less than a mile from our house:

It's not a power tool, but it's still sharp. Aidan's in heaven:

Here comes Jim. Following in the car, because he's sick with a cold and feels like crap really awful:

I picked....THIS one. The pretty colored one in the middle:

Just kidding. It's actually dead. That's why it's orange. Poor thing:

This is the one we picked. My strong son sawed it right down for me:

Hmmm...usually I'm better at these type of self-portrait shots. There's me on the left and Aidan's...bottom...on the right:

It was the perfect day for a Christmas tree hunt:

As expected, due to the weather, the city and surrounding areas have almost completely shut down. We're *so* not used to snow and cold here in the west. Aidan has repeatedly measured (with my plastic ruler) and we got (no laughing, please) 2 1/2" inches of snow - total. A couple of hours ago, the Superintendant announced that Portland Public Schools are closed for tomorrow. Snow day! :-)


  1. If your area doesn't get much snow, then your County likely doesn't have much equipment to handle snow.

    I can't believe Dot was out in the snow, could she see it? Aren't the chickens funny? Mine are such a hoot.

    We want to see the Christmas tree decorated.

  2. Silly chickens! Mine don't seem to like oatmeal? Chickens are weird.

  3. OHHHHH...Ahhhhhh...pretty tree. I bet its gonna look great in the house. Good job, Aidan, on cutting that thing down.

    Im very sorry to hear that Jim is feeling crappy. I am very, very sorry, Mr Jim. If I were there I would totally make you some boston creme pie bars. Without peanut butter. Or nougat.

    Yay!!! A snow day. Aidan, I am totally on my way over....we can have a snowball fight and make a snowman, and go sledding, and make snow angels and........

    Of course they received hot oatmeal.

  4. The wind keeps blowing the snow around here, that it is hard to tell how much we have. In some spots it's 6 inches. The roads are nasty though. Too bad it is my normal day off...or I'd get a bonus day!

  5. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR it's crazy cold tonight.

    I'm so glad that my girls (ie the goats) have literally 2 feet of fresh straw to snuggle in.

    Our baby loved the snow today. I let him toddle around and it was so cute. He cried when his icicle *disappeared* - he even glared at me like I might have done something with it hehe.

  6. Boy, I hope my girls don't read your blog or I'll be making oatmeal tomorrow. I think I will anyway. Good idea. I make the goats and horse a bran mash with molasses and cut-up apple. They slurp it up.
    I just got the call that we are a measly 2 hrs late tomorrow...what the heck.

  7. Pre-decorated trees!! Pretty.

  8. Beautiful pictures. I love the snow, as long as I don't have to drive in it.

  9. Your snow and your tree are beautiful Danni! We got our first snow of the season here today about 7pm. It's still snowing out there right now. Probably will be a couple of inches, maybe more by morning. We are used to snow here in the foothills, but the road on which I live is not a county road so it does not get plowed.

    My chickens go out in the snow, but then, they are older and more used to it.

  10. To this Florida girl that looks like a lot of snow!! I was cracking up at the chickens not wanting to go outside....FUNNY!!

  11. To this Florida girl that looks like a lot of snow!! I was cracking up at the chickens not wanting to go outside....FUNNY!!

  12. I never never never get tired of your chicken pictures. I'm not sure why, but it just gives me warm fuzzies looking at all their beautiful colors and fun antics :)

  13. OH MY...hahahahaha! Sorry I just have to laugh. *now I will compose myself*
    Wonderful pick on the tree Danni, yeah I thought that orange one looked a little off kilter. You made me nervous at first. Roxy looks SO Cute! And those chickens are pretty smart. Have fun in that 2 1/2 inches...har har!

  14. My chickens won't even test their little toes in the snow. And their chicken yard is covered and only gets a little wet. Big chickens.

  15. I know you said no laughing, but 2.5 inches....giggle....snort...chuckle. Good thing you don't live in Iowa! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful tree choice! It is 3 degrees here this morning but my chickens aren't getting hot oatmeal. They'll make do with crumbles. They had lots of cottage cheese treats yesterday.

  16. What a beautiful tree, although the orange one wasn't bad either.

    In spite of wearing their jammies inside out, putting a spoon under their pillows and flushing an ice cube down the toilet, my kids haven't had a snow day yet. Sadly we need way more than 2 1/2" of snow or temps below 0*.

  17. I guess I am part chicken. If I don't have to leave in the snow, I surely won't! Miserable stuff!

  18. What an awesome set of pictures! Looks like a good weekend.

  19. Yay!! You got some snow. Looks like you all enjoyed it too...well, except for the chickens of course. So, did roopert get his spa treatment after all? :)

    Hope Jim is feeling better soon!

  20. I love pretty snow like that. It was 47 degrees here yesterday, and dropped to 16 last night...woke up to general crunchiness everywhere, and a sprinkling of snow that just made me feel like following your chicken's lead, and not crossing the threshold.

  21. let's recap...snowed in Portland and south...snowed up north in Seattle. Did is snow here? NO, nadda, zilch, zip.

    Now how fair is that? I think because the camel hates snow soooo much he jinxed it. He must have done a anti-snow dance to keep it away.

    I am so very bummed. Kim

  22. Smart chickens!

    It snowed here yesterday and it's cold & frosty. It looks pretty, but my feet are perpetually icy. This morning the temperature outside is -5 degrees celcius...that's cold in my little corner of the world.

    Oh to work I go....

  23. Oh, the conifers wearing snow!!! breathtaking! Thank you for letting us see. Look like Christmas card photos!! I love! the chicken story (always do). Thank you for all the photos. I never get too much about the chickens. They are so cute and funny!

  24. My daughter's chickens were so quiet this morning with about six inches of snow on the ground. They preferred to stay inside, too! But I'm thinking they were not treated to hot oatmeal, how thoughtful of you!

  25. You have the most wonderful pair of glasses, I would know as I have the same pair. :)

  26. I am oh so jealous!!! I want snow and all we are getting is record breaking heatwaves! Its suppose to be in the 70's all week here. YUCK!

  27. 2 1/2 inches and you have a snowday?!!!
    Can I have your superintendant?!!!!!!!! PLEASE?! ;-)

    haha, you Dot is so silly, sitting out there. Isn't she the one who used to stare at the wall?! lol, she's funny.

  28. I am NOT letting my chickens know that you bring warm oatmeal to your chickens! They would be hitchhiking south in seconds!!

    That looks like a beautiful Christmas tree, can't wait to see it decorated up!

  29. That is so pretty, I wish I could wake up to scenery like yours.

    Love your chickens, what characters and that Dot is special

  30. Beautiful pictures. Roxxy looks ready for some snowball fetch.
    How's your ankle doing?
    Most of our snow went bye bye last night.

  31. WoooHooo! we're finally getting some of that pretty white stuff. I'm headed out right now to see if I can get a picture of a snow covered camel. Yeah right, I'm quite sure he's hunkered down somewhere shivering and refusing to venture out into it...big baby! Kim


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