Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy, busy and then....BYE!

Here is one final post about my visitors from Illinois. It was such a whirlwind 4 1/2 days, I truly felt like we were going non-stop almost the whole time.

Below are just a few of the highlights that made me smile:

Marcee and kids in front of Oregon's famous Multnomah Falls (and poor Roxy in her pink winter sweater):

I think the Columbia River Gorge is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This is a shot of the Washington state side of the Gorge. Washington is *almost* as pretty as Oregon. :-) (kidding, kidding... Wendy, Marigold, Tammy, and Kim!):

G. was happy almost the entire time, but occasionally *this* heartbreaking face would appear:

Have you ever noticed that everyone has their own way of eating ice cream? Here J. illustrates the "hole in the bottom of the cone" method:

While K. illustrates the "two-spoon" method:

Little G., on the other hand, couldn't be locked down to just one, and alternated fluidly between the tongue and the mini-spoon techniques:

Back at the house, his mama insisted it was time to put the little guy to work cleaning the spice rack. It was really dusty. I'm so glad they noticed this:

Roxy tried to help, but was mostly perplexed by the lack of anything edible lying on the ground:

I've never cared much for spices being in alphabetical order and G., sensing this, handled it perfectly. I'm surprised his mama didn't have a breakdown on the spot when she saw the willy-nilly placement of the bottles:

A trip to visit Pistol, Holly and Sarah at their new home in the coast range was incredible. Look at the wonder on this little guy's face!:

G. had absolutely no fear and the donkeys were fascinated with him:

J. was pretty thrilled to finally meet the donks, too:

G. is clearly in love with all animals. Here he can be seen offering up kisses to a really adorable nubian/pygmy goat:

Getting back in the car to leave was a bit challenging:

Seems that both Holly and Sarah wanted to go for a ride, too:

But it was on to the coast from there:

It was a typical day at the Oregon coast...gray and stormy!:

Illinois folk appreciating the balmy Pacific Ocean:

Roxy, gorgeous with that windswept look:

She was always on the move, that girl. Here's Roxy running big circles around J. and K.:

The big box of cars was a hit at the house. Here little G. plays while testing out a farmgirl's signature hat:

The days flew by. It's time to go back home:

Roxy says goodbye:

It's dangerous to take pictures while driving. That's the Illinois clan in the lane behind me on their way to the airport:

It was a fun and busy time....a great way for a spontaneous trip across the country to turn out, don't you think?


  1. Fantastic! I'm soooo glad they got to meet the Donks, oh and you of course. ;0) You're in trouble now Danni, if you thought those kids had your heart before, spending time with them and with out them makes it much, much worse.

  2. Wow, wow, wow. I tell you what, either I need to find myself some more adventurous friends, or I need to move to a state with better scenery. Nobody ever makes surprise visits to Iowa. :-(

  3. What a great visit! I absolutely LOVED G's face with the donkeys especially that second pic!

    That's part of the beauty of the OR coast....even when it's gray it's stunning.

    I also love Roxy's "windblown look"....she could be a model!

  4. I am so glad they got to see the donkeys. I was feeling bad because Critter Farm didn't have them anymore. When are you getting more?
    What a great trip for them. The ocean is beautiful no matter what the weather.

  5. Love the kids with the donkeys!! and the little one about to kiss the goat...CUTE!!!!

  6. I was so busy getting G into his car seat that until Holly was right behind me...I had no idea she was that close. She was very quiet!

    And really? You thought we were busy? I felt the trip to be rather relaxing. I mean, even fell asleep in the van(well, until I started poking you) much more relaxed can you get?

    And those goats? OMG. So cute. How can you not love them? Your goat house is looking pretty lonely. Some cute goats might fix that. Im just sayin.

  7. Great visit! Great photos! Great friends! Beautiful Oregon.

  8. I think that Oregon in one of the most beautiful states we have. It is so different from the East Coast. Sounds like you guys had a great time.

  9. Goats? What a great idea!

    Wonderful times with great friends!

  10. What a great trip!! It was so much fun to see the highlights! Thanks Danni!!
    I love the windswept look on Roxy...that's how Daisy Lu looks just about every day of the week!!

  11. What a great time! I LOVE G's face with the donkey. That is pure joy, isn't it?!

    Roxy is a sweet bundle of fur that I wouldn't be above attempting to kidnap and take home with me when I left....I guess that means I'll never get an invitation to visit, hmmm?

  12. How fun!! I want to come, I want to come!!!

  13. What a fun time you and your guests had!!

  14. You are killing me with those shots of your dusty spice rack. It's so hard for someone like be to behave but I will cause I like you.
    I do appreciate the pics of your rack though.;-)

  15. Oh that little face is enough to break your heart! Now about your comment on the Washington side, hmmfff.

    Glad you had a great visit. Kim

  16. Thanks for the ride along on your visit. I just love that you went to visit the donkeys.


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