Wednesday, December 17, 2008

4 days until winter

Just in case anyone was unclear about it, winter has not officially started yet. The first day of winter begins this Sunday, December 21, 2008 at about 7 am EST.

Around here, though, winter decided to arrive a bit early. Our high temperatures all this week have been below freezing. That's very cold for the Pacific Northwest at any time, let alone in the fall. We got a bit of snow on Sunday and almost 6" today. Fortunately, Oregonians tend to be resilient folk and everyone seems to be adapting just fine.

Everything is so beautiful with a clean, fresh snow. I have been wanting to take pictures all day. In fact, I may even go so far as to say that almost all things are more photogenic in the snow.

Here, see for yourself.

Yesterday, when I opened the chicken run door, Coral and Spongebob were still nervous about coming out into the snow:

It was very sunny and incredibly cold:

The size of the Douglas Fir trees dwarfs my little chicken coop:

Walking up to the barn, things I would have normally overlooked started to catch my eye. The snow is sparkling at me:

Here's Aidan, my son, walking to the barn:

I sat on these chairs a lot this last summer:

Can't you almost smell the crisp, fresh air?

Spongebob and Bippity were posing for me:

Sparrow had oatmeal in her beard. How embarrassing:

It got down to 9 degrees last night. Absolutely frigid for western Oregon. My poor rain chain and ceramic water bucket should have been taken in before the freeze:

Too late now:

The moles of Critter Farm are alive and well. I can't believe they can still tunnel like this when the ground is frozen:

The birds have been ravenous:

Roxy was dying to go for a walk:

Though, with Roxy, it's always more of a run:

Look at that complete extension. All four paws in the air:

Run, run:


The downside of all that glorious running is all those ridiculous little snowballs that get caught in your fur:

Everything just seems prettier with a backdrop of fresh snow:


  1. I love your world, it seems so peaceful and nice!

    Greetings from West Africa,

  2. What absolutely gorgeous pictures. Here in WI it is frigid as well with lots os snow. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful scenery with us.
    Linda M

  3. What fabulous pictures! I especially like the rain chain ones. Gorgeous! And I love the doggie sweater! Stay warm!

  4. Hi Danni,
    It all looks so pretty! Like a postcard.
    Our high yesterday was 74 degrees, which is warm even for us, but not a record high. We had that on Monday 79 degrees.
    But a cold front is making it's way in by next Monday and we are suppose to below freezing lows again.
    Beautiful pictures.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

    PS. On the baby chicks, the market really is good starting in Feb. here for chicks and then by May for the bigger chickens.
    There are several livestock auctions in the area where we can sell them.

  5. My fingers won't work a camera when it's that cold.

  6. Great pictures. Stay warm, and keep those hip waders handy for the big thaw.

  7. I love these posts, wandering round Critter Farm with the camera. They are my favorite!

  8. The bets part is that in 5 days, daylight will start getting longer!

  9. My dog used to love to run in the snow! I'm glad we aren't getting all that snow. It has been in the 60s here this week.

  10. The snow looks so very pretty. And sparkly. And cold.

    I love the sequence of Roxy. Happy, happy, happier, happier, happy....not so happy ridden with leg snowballs.

    Poor sparrow...she wasnt given anytime to clean her face before the lady with the camera showed up.

  11. That is truly gorgeous. We're getting the same arctic air that you are right now. On my drive into work yesterday, I was so tempted to pull over and get out to take photos of the snow on cast-iron gates and fences along the way.

    I noticed the date for the Start of Winter on my calendar the other day too....I'm like WHAT?!?!

    I love your chickens. They have so much quirky personality. And, Roxy! I love the absolute expression of joy!

  12. aww...I love your enjoyment at your unexpected winter bounty. We're still loving it here too. Ask me again in Feb though, and I can tell you the sparkle will have most definitely worn off. :)

  13. Very pretty pictures. I think you need to change Roxy's name from mud dog to snow dog. Have you got a jug of wine brewing yet?

  14. It just looks glorious, Danni. Much prettier and safer than what we've got right now. Ice! Which can be pretty but very dangerous and damaging. Yuck.

    Roxie looks like she's having a blast. Of course, now she has to thaw out. I'm sure she will be working on those snowballs in her fur for hours!

  15. Looks like Spongebob and Bippity are catching up on some gossip.

    I don't see Dot, is she too much of a diva to poke her head out?

  16. Gorgeous pictures. We're waiting for our ice storm here, and your pix made me feel even chillier.

    And if I ever have oatmeal in my beard, you'd better tell me, and NOT post a photo of it! Poor Sparrow!

  17. Fantastic photos Danni! Great post. Your place is so beautiful! We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground, but it is melting. I finally uncovered my car yesterday! It is supposed to get colder here soon though. Just in time for the Winter Solstice on Sunday.

  18. I am quite envious of Roxy's ears. I wish mine would do that. Of course it would entirely eliminate the hope of flight, but still... I see, also, that Roxy has the 'Cabra syndrome'. :)

  19. Great shots...Snow looks pretty for about 5 minutes in NYC before it mixes with all the cars and dirt and just looks like grey mush.

  20. We are so easily amused out here aren't we? Those used to the snow are bitchin' and moanin' but we are revelling in the white stuff. I can't get enough. Your pictures are terrific.

    I love the fact you have named your hens things like Spongebob, lol!

    I don't usually like little dogs but darn it if I couldn't just pick that little on up and give her a big squeeze, snowballs and all. I love the way she seems to be just adoring life in the snow!

    Enjoy it while its here, it could be years before we get snow like this again!!! Kim

  21. I always love your pictures.
    You have an eye for photography.

  22. I LOVE the pictures of sweet Roxy playing in the snow!! The picture of those huge trees and your chicken coop is amazing!!

  23. Love the new "snow look" to the blog. Roxy is very cute (don't tell Nina I said so). I have some cute photos of Nina in the snow too. They just look so adorable all snow covered. The birds in your photo are Pine Siskins. Looks like you have a ton of them!!

    Enjoy the pretty snow!

  24. How the heck did I miss this one Danni????
    OH that Roxy...what a pip!!! We get snowballs just like that here!!
    Morgan loved the post!


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