Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lucky number 1,000

The 1,000th egg was laid on Critter Farm today!

Want to see it?
Allow me to point it out to you:

It's hard to believe that since July 3, 2008, one thousand of these beautiful things have been laid.

How do I know this?
Trust me, I keep track of these types of things:

Every egg and each weight has been duly noted on the pages of my Farmer's Almanac gardening calendar. And to think, I've actually been accused of not owning a calendar!

And while it's not the biggest egg, nor the heaviest (and it's certainly not the cleanest), it is the 1,0000th:

Hurray to the lovely egg-laying ladies...









and Wynonna:

Roopert, who thinks he had something to do with this but really didn't, asked me to include his picture here, too:

And on a final note...
Why, yes, I do put all my eggs in one basket. Is that a problem?:


  1. Pretty new wintry picture....

    Hooray! The girls are such good egg layers. It is so amazing that just since July, you have gotten so many beautiful eggs. Just amazing. I am amazed every day by this.

  2. Congratulations to you and your lovely hens! And to Roopert too, of course. I use that same Farmer's Almanac Gardening Calendar too!

    I like your winter snow banner photo. I've been getting Blogger errors for about 3 months now every time I try to replace my apricot basket photo on my blog header. Can't figure out what's wrong. I've changed that photo before with no trouble. I searched the blogger help forums for answers but didn't find any.It will allow me to change the photo on my other blogs, but not on my Mtn Harvest Basket blog. Drives me nuts!

  3. Wow! 1000 eggs in 6 months. That's a big omelet. Congratulations not only on the eggs, but also on counting so diligently that you're confident enough to pinpoint an exact culprit for #1000.

  4. Wow! That is an amazing amount of eggs! And from not that many girls. I'm going to have to steal your idea of tracking each egg once mine start laying. I can't wait!

  5. I don't know what impresses me more - 1,000 eggs or the fact that you counted all of them!

  6. My girls could take a lesson from yours. Although I haven't counted my eggs I don't think I have gotten anywhere near that amount. The shirkers! Maybe it's in the names....I mean who would lay a lot of eggs if your name was
    Rose-Uppity or Sponge Bob. Mine have to settle for Smokey, Ramona, and Black Star (how original is that?)Now I do have Edwina Scissor-Beak but I have never seen her on the nest.
    Rose-Uppity....I just like saying it.

  7. Thanks, Nancy. :-)

    Hey frugalmom - So what I hear you saying is that you think this event is totally amazing. :-)
    And you completely missed my comment about my calendar. See? I really DO have one.

    Hi farmer jen - See? We read the same magazines and use the same calendars...kindred spirits! Regarding the photo upload, hmmm...sometimes Blogger hiccups and there's no rhyme or reason for the issue. It drives me crazy. Have you tried again lately? I noticed they have actually made it easier now to change the banner photo - before, I had to manually change the size, etc. but it was super simple this time for me to swap out the photo.

    Hey jimmy cracked corn - yeah, I've definitely got some nerdy tendencies. I love details and generally do whatrever I can to keep accurate records of things. :-)

    Hi Christy - :-) :-)...not everyone understands my desire to track this kind of info, but I'm glad you do! :-)

    Hey 7MSN - oh, the things I could tell you about these eggs, too! I've even noted odd eggs, rubber eggs, and Dot's eggs (because they're so infrequent). Occasionally, I'll put things like dentist appts. on my calendar, too, but I've found this takes up too much valuable space. lol

  8. I would have never thought to count all the eggs let alone weight them. You crack me up. Good little hens...oh and Roopert (just so his feelings don't get hurt). I love the names you gave your chickens. Sponge Bob sounds like one my oldest granddaughter would have names. Great photos and now who would accuse you of not having a calendar. HMMM! I kind of think there is a frugal answer to that.

  9. Okay, it's nice. Eggs are nice. But when one of those birds lays a Peanut, THAT'S when I'll pay attention.

  10. Wow! One.Thousand.Eggs! Congratulations all you sweet and fantastic feathered friends! Way to go! Simply beautiful eggs, Danni.

  11. Counting AND weighing, what the??
    So now add up all the weights(?) and total them so we know how many pounds 1,000 eggs turn out to be.
    I really want to know.
    Congrats on your 1,000.

  12. What did you do with 1000 eggs? Did you eat them all? Give them to friends? Sell them? We go through a lot of eggs (eating, them, I mean), but I'm not sure how long it would take us to eat 1000.

  13. Okay, see? I was totally gonna walk away from the calendar remark...Walking away, I was....There I was, walking away. Did I mention that I was gonna walk away? BUT THEN Egghead had to go and leave a funny comment in regards to the calendar. (thank you, egghead.)

    Okay, so. I totally know that you have a calendar....Ive seen it with my very own eyes. I know just where it fact, the sheer number of numbers written on there makes my eyes kinda wanky....there are SO many numbers written on that calendar that there was barely room for my name to be written in when it was time for my PLANNED visit, much less my unplanned one.

    But really, who uses a calendar for planning these days? Not when you have chickens and moles, oh,and chipmunks.....:)

  14. YaY!
    You know, I don't miss a blog of yours. I love reading about your life. If you lived close to me, I think you would make a great friend. You have such a warm heart for everything. Thanks you for blogging, sweetie.

  15. A beautiful batch...oh yes the eggs too. Danni I was thinking of you yesterday while my husband was teaching me to drive our tractor!!! I'll be plowing our 300' driveway while he's away!! YIKES!!

  16. You ought to make an omelet sandwich with thousand island dressing! Happy 1000!

  17. Wow!!! What a lovely calendar you have Dorothy. And you use it everyday you say? Very nice! Those hens and eggs are gorgeous too!

    (pssttt....hey Maude. Thanks for taking the heat on the calendar thing girl! And please delete my comment about a particular person's possible lack thereof over at your blog please? Solidarity Sister!!!)

  18. Way to go girls! That is a lot of eggs.
    I guess I haven't kept count of all my girl's eggs before they hatch.
    I plan on better record keeping. I think I own 2 calenders.
    Love the pictures.
    Have a great day.

  19. Wow! Congrats on the super duper egg. Have you managed to eat 1000 eggs? Cause we are having a rough time here. I think I need an egg cookbook! I'm not selling them yet because they are still small to medium sized, so we have A LOT of eggs in the fridge. LOL

    Your girls and boy are gorgeous, btw.

  20. lol....and I thought I liked lists...

    Congratulations to all your hard working girls there...btw, I absolutely adore Dot. Roxie still has my heart though...

  21. Just as I suspected, let them tease and make all the smart comments they want.
    Jealousy has no bounds.

    Congrats on the 1000th egg.
    Are you planning something special for it? Are you going to preserve it or maybe have it bronzed?

    BTW - Do you watch MONK on TV?
    I'm not saying you have a problem.
    I'm just saying.... ;)

  22. ROFL...I cannot believe you keep such close tabs on your egg statistics! Were you an accountant in a former life??? I don't know whether to be completely impressed or slightly scared, lol!!

    You hens are lovely and you are a good chicken mama...but I've told you that already, but you are! Kim

  23. I meant "who wouldn't lay a lot of eggs"-funny how a few little letters can change the meaning.
    Rose-Uppity....there I go again.

  24. You have to be one of the most organized people I know!! To keep count of your eggs.... wow. I definitely admire you, I am FAR from organized!!
    You take THE best chicken pics! Love them. :)

  25. So... just who has supplied you with calendars all these years???? Complete with EVERY important family birthday, etc.? Birthday notations go way back to your great, great grandparents, as well as Mozart, not that he is a relative but nevertheless important.
    Congratulations to the chickie girls and their faithful guardian, Rupert. And, by the way, I really, really need some eggs....

  26. Too funny. I wish I was that structured! That could be my New Year's resolution.

  27. Hey goatgirl - I've got a shirker, too, in the egg-laying department...her name is DOT. She hasn't laid an egg, oh, since September, I think. Slacky Slackster is what I call her now. Good thing she has so much personality, right? I'm just sayin'. lol

    Hi egghead - yes, the Spongebob name is courtesy of my 9 year old nephew, Andrew. He also named my two polish chickens "Mohawk", but that got confusing, so they become Dot and Spot (later known as Pip). No confusion there, right? :-)

    Oy Marigold - I'll see what I can do. Do you think if I mixed a bit of peanut butter into their oatmeal, they'd maybe lay a peanut or two?

    Hi CaliforniaGrammy - Thank you! Your grandkids are doing fine with all the eggs they're getting, too, I see!!

    Hola Sugarcreekstuff - yes, I am a nerd. Whyfor does this suprise you? Of course, my brain immediately started to sizzle when you asked to know the combined weight of all of them. You have a mean streak, you know this, right? :-)

    Hi gnightgirl - Yes, we did all of the above with all those eggs. We ate a lot (cookies, bread, all kinds of breakfast eggs), gave them to family and friends, and sold a bunch, too. Trust me, absolutely NONE have gone to waste. Except for those weirdo rubber eggs. Nobody wanted to eat those.

    Hey frugalmom - I don't believe we have EVER tallied moles or chipmunks on the chicken calendar. That would be silly. Those numbers were always kept on a small piece of paper NEXT to the egg stats. What were you thinking? .

    Hi pat - You are so nice! Congrats on getting your exams all done. I hope you enjoy a lengthy and relaxing time OFF!! Lord knows, you deserve it! :-) --> Oh, and an equally big CONGRATS to your son the *doctor* and his great new job! Wow!

    Hey eve - how was the tractor driving? Did I tell you that the last time I drove tractor I got a bit of diesel poisoning? Blech. Old tractor + bad ventilation = one massive headache. Watch out for that, ok? :-)

    Hi Warren - Mmmmm...thousand island dressing. That's made with eggs, isn't it? Good idea!

    Hey farm mom - I *totally* saw your calendar comment - I just hadn't gotten around yet to (politely) responding yet. Ha!

    Hi ga.farmwoman - You know, good record keeping is both a gift and a curse. I love doing it, but then you've got people who simply don't understand and say to you "why? why?? why do you do this???" It's a heavy load to carry, let me tell you. :-)

    Hi mim - you'll be surprised the many ingenious ways you will come up with for using those babies up! They won't stay small/medium sized for very long...oh, and, by the way, if you tracked your egg weights, say, on a calendar or something - you'd clearly be able to see just how quickly they are getting bigger. lol

    Howdy carolynn - are you a list girl, too? There's something sooooo rewarding in listing everything you have to do in a day and crossing each item off as you do it, don't you think? Or, tracking each and every egg laid. Or doing the match on how quickly your donkeys are eating a ton of hay. There is simply an endless list of things to track, I've found, if we just look around. :-)

  28. Danni, I weighed the first egg,
    1 oz. Not really concerned with the rest, believe it or not, I know I'm makin' ya sweat right. Just not OCD about too many things. Just ask frugalmom, my pantry and spice cabinet drive her crazy, really my whole house.

  29. Hi greywolf - I *love* Monk, but what's your point? lol. Regarding doing something special with egg #1000, my plan is it. But I will weigh myself before and after eating it and probably count the number of bites it takes me to eat the whole thing. But I won't write this down. That would be going too far.

    Hi Kim (inadvertentfarmer) - Funny that, but I have never really been a girl for numbers. I was NOT an accountant in any former life (that I know of), but I *am* a details gal. That served me well in my project management line of work. I just like knowing the details and the stats. No need to be afraid. That is, unless I start asking you a lot of questions and you can provide me with the info I am looking for. LOL :-)

    Ah, goatgirl, I knew what you meant. Funny how letters can even make words, let along change the meaning of them. snort.
    And Rose-Uppity? Totally a name I went with just because i liked saying it. True chicken sisters, we are.

    Hey Wrensong Farm - Bah ha ha haha. Hmmm...organized, huh? Perhaps organized chaos is a better term for me. Thanks for your compliments on my pics. That put a smile on my face!

    Hi Zitrone...Oh dear, yes. Thank you, Mom. You really have provided me with a wonderful calendar every year on Christmas for many years now - with every important date (birth, death, and anniversary) of almost everyone I might ever need to know. Mozart was pushing it a bit, though, but interesting trivia nonetheless. :-)
    The big question is: will I be getting another one for next year? I've got eggs to track, you know.

    Hi Country Girl - you'll make my mom laugh if you call me "structured"! :-)

  30. Hi mim - 1 oz. is a right respectable size for a first egg! Mine hovered between 1.0 and 1.5 oz. for almost the entire first month, EXCEPT for a mondo 2.1 ouncer that suddenly appeared out of nowhere! :-)

    Ah, you and I were meant to be fast friends. My (disorganized) spice rack drives frugalmom crazy, too. But my funky pantry is so far away from my kitchen, I'm not sure whether she's even assessed the organization of it yet or not. :-)

  31. Ahhh, but I have, Miss Danni, I have. I am in a state of constant assessing when it comes to organization.

    And your spice rack is not bad at all...there was only one out of whack last time I was there. Okay, scratch that. LAST time I was there(after G got thru with things) I had to step away from the spice rack.....I was beginning to twitch.

  32. Danni, how many laying girls do you have? I bet I have quite a few more than you, I don't keep records, but I know I didn't get anywhere near 1,000 since July. hmmmm...I've got approx 60 hens, and we got two eggs, our average lately, today. :-)

    Hi Dot

  33. OMG! Did you see my careless spelling? You would have thought I only had a fourth grade education. I was tired.


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