Sunday, April 8, 2012

We never, ever tire of festive head wear

I was all set to write a post about the trials and tribulations of living in a state (Oregon) where the weather is, quite frankly...crap.  Almost all the time.  For months and months on end.  (I may still write that post - be warned...) 
But, then, today happened.  There was no precipitation.  There were no gloomy clouds, or fog, or wind.  It was sunny.  The sky was blue.  The animals were happy.  It was Easter.  And the temperature actually reached 70 degrees.   It was paradise here on my little farm again.  And this all but propelled me out the door to take pictures.
Roxy was my first victim:
I kept telling her how cute she looked:
But what she really wanted to hear from me was how much she looked like the Easter Bunny (which she did not  in this picture):
So I showed her her shadow and then she felt happy:
And off she hopped to play Easter Bunny for the donkeys:
Once Chester realized that this Easter Bunny didn't have any carrots, he took off and only Beau stuck around for the entertainment:
Beau, being a *huge* fan of anything that goes on his head, insisted that he and Chester try out the fuzzy ears, too:
And, then, it was Kai's turn.
By the way, this was the first (and most likely the last) time, I have ever attempted to place any sort of head gear on my llama's head:
It did not make her happy:
But, I got a picture:
...of my llama wearing fuzzy bunny ears:
which is an odd sort of milestone, but a milestone nonetheless (trust me).

Pete and Reggie were very excited to see me coming.  They *love* festive hat day:
And once they were finished admiring each other, they needed to headbutt (at least they're consistent):
The chickens didn't want anything to do with the ears, or the concept of the Easter Bunny, and immediately fled...except for Skippy, who briefly thought the bunny ears might have oatmeal for her:
Heading back to the house, I came across Clyde and George sunning themselves.  "Look", I said, in my sweetest, come hither voice, "Fuzzy bunny ears!"  They weren't interested in the slightest:
Though George was very interested in cuddling:
And I took full advantage of this:
So, I think I can say it was a really good day, as long as none of my critters holds a grudge:


  1. Awww, I love festive hat day at Critter Farm!!! Happy Easter, Danni!

  2. Danni, you are so funny! Those bunny ears are the cutest things. Roxie makes the best "bunny" of all of them. Happy Easter and I'm glad you had beautiful weather for a change.

  3. The Easter Bunny shadow photo just cracked me up! I am still pondering what it must be like to have only a single day without precipitation, while here we dance and celebrate every few little drops of rain which come only twice a year, it seems.

  4. I'm surprised Pete and Reggie didn't eat the festive hats. Kai is FAR too dignified for such things, I can tell.
    So glad you got some sunshine. Hope you soaked lots and lots of it up!!

  5. I'm sure they will love you and look forward to the next head-wear day with excitement. :o)

  6. You are always good for a laugh, you must have incredible patients and a quick finger on the camera, I am only good at hind shots and back of heads my blog is due for a funeral any time now.

  7. Roxy - cutest bunny ever. Can't get enough of that shot of her in front of the daffodils, which obviously love the rain more than you do.

    It won't be long before you can shed those boots...

  8. I am amazed they all don't run for the hills when they see you coming with headbands! The cutest easter bunnies I've seen ever tho!

  9. I think this is the CUTEST thing you've ever posted! Roxy sitting back to with the bunny ears on was very convincing.

    It was nice to see you in Reader this morning. You've been missed.

  10. Thanks for the Monday morning smile! What fun pictures. I'm sure the animals were.... thrilled (?)!

  11. I personally find your sharing of the holiday headwear hilarious have shared similar with my beasties but there are those (to whom I am married) who commented that he could think of one more being that might benefit from bunny ears...and his initials are D O N. But I'm not telling. Actually his comment was "Don dodged the bullet on that one".
    But I'm sure there will be room in the suitcase for fun headgear next time here in NM.
    Love your bloggin' heart. Oma Linda

  12. Putting bunny ears on Kai Llama is like trying to put bunny ears on your mom. We are much too dignified for such nonsense. Right, Kai ???

    Roxy, as always, has the patience to let you do these things to her, and she does look super cute. The donkey boys are just plain silly looking, and the boy goats would walk around with those ears on all day if they could. George was mesmerized by the sun and probably didn't know what was happening to him.

    Now, getting those ears on Clyde - that would be
    quite the accomplishment! I'm waiting for the next dress-up day to see if Clyde has succumbed.

  13. Roxy looks cute, the donkeys already have long need for bunny ears lol

  14. Ha! I laughed and laughed at this. So cute. I told Jay yesterday that we should have bought bunny ears for Jackson. I'm sure he would have been thrilled, but I would have been entertained!!

  15. And no one tried to eat them! They all looks so cute. I'm smiling all the way through this one. Wishing everyone at Critter Farm an absolutely delicious spring.

  16. I think that the donkeys thought Roxy was wearing DONKEY ears and they would have been willing to accept her into the herd....if she would have provided a few carrots of course.

    Festive hat day with Pete and Reggie always ends up being a little hard on the hats!

  17. You crack me up! George the formerly feral cat wearing bunny ears--only your persuasive techniques would get him to go along with this.
    The dogs and cat made me promise last year to never again make them wear bunny ears. They aren't as good a sports as the Critter Farm gang.

  18. Roxy makes the cutest bunny EVER! George doesn't look too impressed with your antics, but I am definitely impressed that you got the ears on him. Well done!

  19. Now just what kind of goats do you have living on your farm? Any goat worth his salt would have tried to eat those ears...immediately...especially the green one. I suppose I'll have to write Pete and Reggie a letter to let them know exactly how it should be done.

  20. awwww.....this is too funny!!! happy easter!

  21. Thank you for the giggle, Danni. When Roxie's picture loaded, I almost blew coffee all over the monitor! Hope you're still enjoying beautiful weather.

  22. You truly crack me up, Danni. Only at Critter Farm will I ever see bunny ears on a donkey, llama, cats and the precious Roxy. You couldn't have asked for a prettier Easter day full of sunshine and blue skies!

  23. That first photo of Roxy posed in front of the daffies, would make a lovely Easter card for next year.

    Too much fun!I am glad you had beautiful weather for Easter. We did too. Supposed to rain and snow starting tonight through Saturday here. Winter is not done yet.

  24. Roxy is the most adorable bunny of all time. I loved this post. What fun!

  25. Roxy looks so cute! I just love her expressions. Thanks for making me smile on a day when I need a reason.

  26. The verdict here was overwhelmingly in favor of Roxie being the cutest bunny in the group, but George was my personal favorite.


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