Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The cough

So, maybe you are wondering how Pete the baby goat's cough is doing?

About a week and a half ago, both goat boys received a 3 day course of antibiotics during which time Pete's cough lessened somewhat. Unfortunately, it returned with a vengeance this last weekend. Another call to my small town vet was in order and, this time, we decided that a worming medicine appropriate for the treatment of lung worm would be in order. Goats naturally get worms, a number of different kinds, and need to be regularly de-wormed to keep them healthy:

While my property is neither low-lying, nor does it have the standing water that frequently accompanies this particular diagnosis, the nagging cough that is brought on by activities such as jumping, running, etc., makes it a strong possibility.

You can imagine how happy I was that the treatment didn't include a needle this time. It's a squirt-in-the-mouth type of application:

My son, Aidan, vet assistant for the day, promised the boys each a cookie if they took their medicine without fuss:

Reggie, appreciating anything that goes into his mouth, had no problem going first:

Pete took his medicine like a big boy, too, and even asked me for a bit more:

Pete then climbed onto Aidan's lap and promptly had a coughing fit. Since his mouth was already open from the coughing, he also took the opportunity to yawn. You can tell here that Aidan wasn't quite sure what was coming next:

Reggie thought the whole display was just ridiculous:

Ultimately, both boys were unanimously unimpressed by the whole thing. Pete quickly went to his bench to take a rest:

And after a minute, Reggie climbed on, too. It was nap time:

We'll worm them again today and tomorrow and hope this finally addresses Pete's cough.


  1. I'm sorry, but those goats are just the cutest thing to hit since - well, I don't know what.

    Here's hoping this does the trick for the cough! Poor Pete - having a cough really stinks!

  2. I hope it helps the cough, too! Our dog had a cough for about a month once and the vet tried numerous things and finally turned to lungworm ended up being lungworm and it worked! Hope the same goes for your goats! :D
    They are SOOOO cute!

  3. Does their cough sound wet or dry? IO has a wet cough and I'm wondering what if anything I should do. I may try the lungworm dewormer just in case. Are you going to have to give them copper boluses? We did it today and it was a pain in the butt! Giving shots is WAY easier.

  4. That's the same wormer I use! Works like a charm. They should be all fixed up in no time :)


    study up on dimethox for coccidiosis.

    I'm still a novice but my breeder recommended this so we are administering orally to the six kids for week.

    I sure hope the cough clears up eventually.

  6. Hooray, no needles!

    Aiden got his ears lowered, as we say around here. His haircut looks perfect for summer.

  7. Your posts .... I always hit 'comment' with at least a dozen comments in mind and then forget them when it's time to type them up. Great pictures.

    I love your son's shirt.

    Did you have a hard time finding a good goat vet? Is the one you have any good? It's so hard to find vets that know their stuff when it comes to goats. We have one that doesn't know much about goats, even though he's a large animal vet, because there just aren't that many goats around here and those that do own goats generally don't want to spend any money on them if something goes wrong. (I've told you, haven't I, that I refuse to sell my goats as 'pets' around here? 'Pet goat' is code for 'weed eater tied to a fence and likely to get torn apart by roving dogs'.) But my vet is game for learning what he needs to know when I need him and he charges me less than normal because he feels that that's fair for his 'learning curve'. Fantastic vet.

    I hope that this fixes your cutie.

  8. Love Aidan's surprised look on his face . . . and ya gotta love those jeans! Hope Pete and Reggie are feeling better by morning!

  9. They are so cute! I love the expression on your son's face. I sure hope this takes care of the cough...poor Pete!

  10. Only you could have the two sweetest goats on the planet Danni! Great funny post! Love the new header...That looks like a Grosbeak, I'll have to look it up. It must be one of them fancy western birds.

  11. Oh I guess that is a female Evening Grosbeak. They have them up north but I haven't see one of them in many many years. Nice picture and a lovely birdbath!

  12. Hopefully that will cure Pete's cough. I too, like Aiden's shirt. It's really cool!

  13. And to think he was sounding so much better when I left. Poor Pete. I sure hope this takes care of his nagging cough. Give the little guy a great big hug for me.(and of course Reggie, too.)Oh, and Roxy as well.

    I really do think that Aidan got the easier task when it came to being vet assistant for the day....oral meds? Cmon...But I do love giving them their cookies.

    That picture of Aidan and Pete cracks me up. I can just "hear" Aidan wondering what the heck was gonna happen next.

  14. I hope this helps them both! It looks like I have a lot to learn before I get goats.

  15. Oh no I was hoping the cough had cleared up. It would appear, to me, that the little goaties came with lungworm if that is what they have. I hope this works. Good thing they have you:)
    And I Aidan's shirt!

  16. They are the cutest little tykes. I do hope the medication routine takes care of the problem.

    Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement over at my place today.


  17. Love the pic of Aidan, those jeans rock!! :) I sincerely hope your little guy feels better soon.

  18. I love the boys miss cupcake!! I could just gobble them up!=)

  19. Hey Farmgirl,
    The first picture reminded me of Annie looking in the window.

    I hope the goats are doing better with their cough now.
    You are such a good goat Mama with an excellent helper!

    Have a great day.

  20. I sure hope it helps. Nothing much worse than a sick animal excepting a sick baby. They just can't tell you what's wrong!

  21. oh, that poor guy....hope he gets well soon. i love goars--my dh not so much, but i would adore to have a pair of pygmy goats. you are so lucky.....

  22. Hi Danni,
    I don't know if anyone mentioned this to you or not....but donkeys carry lungworm, and don't typically show the signs of having it (i.e. coughing). It is passed thru the feces. I don't know how long it stays viable on the ground but it's something to consider....

    Love your rubber boa by the way! I used to have rosy boas as pets as a kid...their close relatives. :) Tammy

  23. You know, I was just thinking to myself the other day, Hmmm I wonder how Pete's cough is doing. Hope the de-wormer fixes him all up.

  24. Hi, I hope his cough gets better! They are so cute. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and have been meaning to say 'hi.' We just moved from WA to ID to do kinda what you are doing. :) I have my first goats, and chicks, and duckies...Still trying to figure out both the farm life and the blog thing. :) Thanks for writing great posts! I look forward to them :)


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