Friday, June 26, 2009

An adventure away from the farm

In just a few hours, my mom and I will be leaving on a two week adventure together.

The two of us are going to Germany to visit our family there. It's been a long time since I've travelled just with my mom. I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

Our flight to Frankfurt will be ten hours and ten minutes. It's an awfully long time to sit on a plane, but the blessing is that it's a direct flight and there will be no stops or layovers.

To hopefully make the 610 minutes of air travel time pass more quickly, I've asked my mom to teach me to knit. Fortunately, most airlines allow knitting needles aboard their flights. Roxy helped me gather my knitting stuff yesterday:

Once we arrive in Frankfurt, we'll take the train (a five hour trip) to Berlin to meet up with my mom's sister. The following morning, we will drive up to the Baltic Sea, about 3 1/2 hours northeast of Berlin, to a town called Heringsdorf to spend a week at the beach. This town is so far east, it's practically knocking on Poland's door. See the little red "A"? That's where we're going:

I'm conflicted about leaving my sweet farm. So much is going on around goat boys are entertaining, the chickens are laying, my garden is growing before my eyes and it's a tough time to just disappear. My raspberry bushes even gifted me with a handful of ripe berries yesterday evening:

Ah, but...a once in a lifetime trip, just mother and daughter, lies before us. Nervous/excited, excited/nervous...

Assuming that Germany has the Internet (lol), my little Critter Farm travelling red truck and I will try to post a few updates from there.


  1. This is definitely a once-in-a-life-time experience for you, and you'll have memories forever! We've taken that flight and learning to knit is a great idea. Roxie will be so set for the winter! Have a wonderful time, the farm will be fine, and just think of the berries that will need you to pick upon your return.

    Just have fun! . . . and take lots of pictures.

  2. What a fantastic trip! Did I miss the blog about Roxy becoming a cover model?

  3. Have you ever seen the movie - Shining Through with Michael Douglas, Melanie Griffith, and Liam Neeson? When you mention Berlin, that's how I image it, from the movie. Have a great trip.


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  5. I envy you so much I can't even think straight.
    I hope you have a wonderful and eventful time with your Mom and Aunt.
    How lucky for you to have 2 weeks to spend JUST with your Mom..good for you!!

  6. Did you teach everyone in your household the proper way to weigh and mark on the calendar each and every egg while you are gone?
    Other than that I'm sure everything will be fine while you are gone.
    Have a fun and safe trip farmgirl and Zitrone!

    my wv is cotshant, that HAS to mean something in German.

  7. How very exciting. I hope you a fabulous adventure. Can only imagine the organized lists and instructions you're leaving for your husband and son back at the farm.

  8. How exciting for you and your mom. Can't wait to see where that little red truck takes us. Stay safe!

  9. It sounds like an awesome opportunity! I hope you'll post lots of pictures! Have a great trip!

  10. OH MY GOODNESS, I'm SOOOO excited for you!!!! You LUCKY DUCK! You get to go to Germany! (I guess I can't complain; I went in March).
    YEY for you! Have fun! Post a TON! I LOVE Germany! :D
    Oohhhhhh you have no idea I'm so excited for you! Enjoy!

  11. Love that little red truck! Have a great trip. I am looking forward to your posts from Germany. I want to visit there someday.

  12. Oh, and I totally covet your raspberries!

  13. Have a great trip, Danni!

    My Mom and Grandma took a vacation together EVERY YEAR! Some years they'd do a road trip covering the Mid-West. Other years they'd do the New England States during the Fall - to catch the show of the foliage. One year they did DC, Williamsburg, and all sorts of sights associated with the Revolutionary War. They had the BEST time every time.

    I'm so sad my Mom isn't here to start that tradition with me! :( I hope you two have an AMAZING time!

    BTW - don't that hop between here and Frankfurt - it's not bad! I knit the whole way there always - it's a great way to spend the time. That and all of the great movies!

  14. Have a wonderous adventure! You won't regret it :)

  15. I hope ya'll have a wonderful time. It sounds like a good time to catch up and reminisce. (I cant spell). You know what I mean. Talk about the people in your family that made all the rumors years ago.

  16. Are you knitting Roxy a doggie sweater? Huh? The goatmother has been sadly remiss in getting my crocheted coat to me...but I'm holding on to my hope. Happy travels! Taste the Peanuts in Germany for me and sprechen sie Deutsches with those German goats too.

  17. Have a brilliant time.
    I know there never seems to ever be a Good time to leave the cosy comfort of home.
    But just make the best of the time and happily play catch up when you get back...
    And just look at those deishious Raspberries!!!

  18. Wow! I look forward to hearing all about your trip. I shall live vicariously through your stories..... Have a wonderful time and good luck getting that sweater knitted for Roxy.

  19. Wow!! Wow!!

    2 weeks doesn't seem quite long enough to travel that distance. Your farm will be in good hands while you're gone. Little Roxy will miss you but she'll have your husband and son and her goat buddies to keep her company, not to mention the hens.

    Have a great time. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!

  20. Well, I don't have a little red truck, but I have the knitting needles, the yarn, the instructions (oh my gosh!), and two very willing students - my sister and you, farmgirl. Let's get this adventure rolling!!!

  21. I know you guys will have a great time. Btwn learning how to knit, visiting with all your family, and long walks on the will for sure be a trip to remember.

    And dont worry too much about things back home. Everything has been left in very good hands. The goat babies will be taken great care of, the chickens will continue to lay you beautiful eggs, Roxy will continue to sleep very peacefully in her bed(and everywhere else), and Mr Jim will not go hungry.

    And just think of all the berries that will be waiting for you when you get home...raspberries and blueberries(if Aidan hasnt eaten all of them :))

    Have a great time!

  22. I left my raspberries sort of hurt a little...but there were many when I returned!

  23. It sounds like a great trip. Of course, the learning to knit is the most exciting part. ;0) Have a great time and try not to worry too much about everyone back home.


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