Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No angels were harmed during the writing of this blog

...Nor do any ever FLY out of my REFRIGERATOR:

...despite what my friend, Michelle, over at Sugar Creek Stuff, might have you believe from the comments section of this particular post of hers.

I was also semi-challenged (goaded, perhaps?) by Grey Wolf at Too Old, Cripples (in the very same comments section of that troublemaker's sugarcreekstuff's blog, mind you) to divulge what the inside of MY refrigerator looks like.

So. There you have it, in all its, uh, glory...I decided to play the honesty card and did not clean or move anything prior to taking this photo. Wait, I lie. I did remove the SECOND container of Brummel & Brown yogurt spread out of eyesight. You see, I'm obsessed with that stuff currently and hate it when I run out. But you all don't need to know that, so I moved the container....

What's in YOUR refrigerator?


  1. OMG Danni! Your fridge is so clean and organized! I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to post of photo of my messy fridge. Of course, lately my whole house has succumbed to clutter and disorder. I've just been so busy with other priorities. Either that or just lazy when it comes to housecleaning.But enough about me..

    So what do you do with all of those fresh chicken egss I see in there? Does your family eat them all or do you give/sell some to others?

    I just noticed that my "word verification" for this comment is "how nito". Cracked me up.

  2. I took a pic of part of our fridge recently to show some of the veggies and fruits we recently harvested from our very first garden. Other than that, yeah, right. People would see our 20 diff kinds of salad dressings, and plastic storage of a bean soup I made last night! Vikki

  3. Good idea... a fridge post. Especially since I just cleaned the entire tihng out... top to bottom. Once a lifetime, whether it needs it or not. ;)

    So it isn't actually CHEATING, since I didn't clean it simply to post a picture of a clean fridge.

    Btw...You and eggs have a thing going, don't you. ;)

  4. Heck No, there is no way with 5 kids opening, closing, rearranging, picking through my frig would I show it. I would be more likely to let you all peek in my underwear drawer as my frig!

  5. Wow. That still looks just as good as it did when you made me clean it when I was there in Sept.

    I think youre running outta room for those eggs! Good thing you have a farmer there who can help you out with that.

  6. Oh my, do I ever have Egg Envy! "Our" hens, 22 of'em, over five months old . . . still only 4-5 eggs a day. They are just taking their sweet time. Great post, Dani . . . but you'll not ever see my fridge, no-sir-eeeee!

  7. I just hired a Librarian to sort out my fridge. Thanks for the inspiration on refrigeration.

  8. See, I knew your fridge was beautiful and sparkling, and since there was no video proof showing the actual opening, I will still believe in angles.

  9. Hey, wait a minuite, do I see wine? I'll be right over.

  10. Hi Danni, did you REALLY force Maude to clean your fridge? If so, how soon before you can PERSUEDE her into doing mine?
    It wasn't so much a challenge as the victem of a credit card jingle that just happened to be playing at the time. "WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET" However it does make for an interesting blog subject.

    And even though you showed me yours, I'll not show ya mine!
    Gergo is not nice and does not play well with others...;)

  11. No Way Danni!! The Department of Health would be at my door in five minutes!! I'll get back to you on that one!!!
    Ha Ha!!!

  12. PS
    I like the fact that the booze is closer to the front than the juice!!!!
    Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  13. I say baloney to showing my refrig. I would cry and wine and probably hit the juice (maybe even get pickled) before I would show them my mess. I turn to jelly just thinking about my entire that in public? I think not. I just can't cut the mustard I guess. I see there is no need to egg you on to show your stuff though and I applaud you for your bravery. I wonder if someone had to butter you up or beg you, "lettuce see what is in your fridge". I am just so impressed!

    I know such a comment is cheesy but I like to ham it up sometimes!

  14. Hi jen - that's just so funny to me that my fridge looks "clean and organized" to you - to me, I see chaos and a call to organizing action on my end! lol
    Regarding all my eggs, I responded to your question in an earlier post but I think you might have missed it. Over the summer, I gave a lot of eggs away - they make wonderful "gifts" and my son (who will eat no eggs other than mine) and my mom, always takes a dozen a week. Now that the weather has turned, though, there are fewer guests to the farm and I seem to have a bit of an EGG EXCESS. :-) What you see in my fridge now are two things: the numbered boxes stay with me, while the red labeled ones are packaged and ready to go to Jim's work where he sells them for $3/dozen. I fully expect my egg numbers to dwindle as daylight continues to get shorter...

    Hi vikki! Thanks for commenting! Mmmmm....bean soup. I will head over to your blog and see if I can't find a recipe...that sounds like a lovely fall meal!

    Hi meadowlark - I think you're absolutely right - that's not cheating, that's merely the PERFECT TIME to share the contents of your fridge! :-)
    (Yes, eggs and me - we're having a "relationship" right now. lol)

    Hey inadvertent farmer - Chicken!!! ha ha ha
    But I bet there are more than a few out there who wouldn't mind a peek in your underwear drawer one bit! LOL

    Oh frugalmom, there you go again, confusing reality with fantasy. That was the TOILET I made you clean out, not the FRIDGE, honey.
    And yes, Mr. Jim - parttime farmer, is doing me proud selling off our gifts from the girls... :-)

    Hey californiagrammy - I have to think that your girls are going to pick up with their egg laying come spring. Since they started laying so close to the end of the season, they're, no doubt, affected by the shortening day length. I read that optimum laying conditions are when there are 14 hours of daylight and an average temperature of 70 degrees.

    Hey King! A librarian huh? Will she be alphabetizing the content of your fridge? :-)

    Hi sugarcreekstuff - Angles I've got plenty of...just no ANGELS. Ha!! And get your little self over here! I'll keep it chillin' until you do.

    Hi greywolf! Regarding that silly maude, please see my response (above) to her. She's a bit of a tease, if you hadn't yet noticed. :-) And Gergo, huh? I had Gregor in my mind, so it's good that you're confirming with us. Hear that, ladies? Maude? Agnes??

    Hi eve - in my defense, a bottle of wine is very tall and, because of my shelf height, that's the only place it will fit: along the side and up front. :-)

    Hi warren - ha, ha, ha. Snort. Very clever. :-)

  15. I posted it this morning!

    But I had to blur out the dust bunnies underneath. I didn't get THAT much cleaning done.

  16. Hi, found you through Meadowlark's post. I'll post, and take it one further. What's in the FREEZER? Now THAT's a scary place. J

  17. Woopsies, it was past my bedtime. I can't believe how many people are posting about their fridge. It's crackin me up!

  18. My fridge will forever remain a mystery to my blogging friends (unless they happen to personally visit....and hopefully it will be cleaned out at that time!)

    I recognize the overabundance of eggs, we've been there more than once! My ladies are taking some time off right now....hate to think about having to BUY eggs!

  19. Your fridge looks 100% better than mine. LOL Thanks for your prayers for Melody. She really appreciates all the prayers and thoughts everyone is sending her way.

  20. Nope, no pictures of my fridge. It's not worthy!
    I will admit, however, to having far too many condiments.
    No one would bother to straightening up in my fridge because someone would just come behind them and mess it up.

  21. PLEASE come organize my fridge. Really. We'll buy your plane ticket--first class!--put you up in a 5-star hotel, and buy you all the lobster you can eat.

    Failing this, would you at least consider an on-line tutorial?


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