Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wine and Music at the Farm!

No, not at my Critter Farm...but at another farm that means a lot to me - and to scores of formerly abused, neglected, and abandoned farm animals.

Today is the Lighthouse Farm Animal Sanctuary's biggest event of the year: Wine & Music at the Farm! Last year was a blast and, as always, it is simply delightful to wander the farm visiting and petting many of the 100+ animals who have been fortunate enough to find refuge at this peaceful place:

These llamas remind me of Pistol, my donkey, who will always offer visitors the opportunity to scratch his hind-end. I wonder if llamas like that sort of thing, too?:

Here are the details for today if anyone should happen to be in the neighborhood :-) :

Date of Event: Saturday, September 27, 2008
Time of Event: 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Cost: FREE

From the Lighthouse website:
"The Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary’s Annual Wine and Music at the Farm “FUN”draiser is almost upon us. To make this year’s event more enjoyable, we’ve added more activities such as a hay ride, increased our hours and it is FREE!

Also this year, we are making the event available to the whole family, although an ID will be required to purchase wine. Food, wine and entertainment - as well as a handmade quilt raffle and silent and oral auctions - will be the main focus of this event. However, don’t forget you’ll be able to meet and greet the animals that now call the sanctuary their home.

This year’s entertainment will be the lively McG’s of Eugene. Fiddle player Hannah McGowan has joined with her father, Sean McGowan, on a voyage of musical discovery through Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. Come along as they present traditional music of Britain and beyond.

Tax dollars do not fund these animals in need. Your hearts do. We hope to see you there!


  1. If I lived a little closer, I would definitely be there. Animals, food and wine...does it get any better? Hope the event is a HUGE success.

  2. Hi Danni,
    It is great you are involved with such a worthy cause. The animals are looking cute and happy.
    The wine and music sure sounds inviting.
    I would love to be close enough to attend the big event.
    Have fun.

  3. Wow Danni, sounds like a great time! Enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

  4. Awww, sounds fun, wish I lived close enough to go.

  5. Hope you're having fun and its a great success Danni! XXXOOO's to all the critters!

  6. Now that first goat is rather awesome looking. I particularly like the ears. Truly a goat after my own heart (not to mention image). :)

  7. Have fun, wish I could be there.

  8. That sounds like a great time for a good cause. I wish I live closer!

  9. I love Animal Arks like these. They're very dangerous places for me though, because I want to take them all home with me. And, I have a very small place.

  10. this is off subject but...
    I finally read your comment at frugalmom's and have been contemplating your invitation to come to your place to "WORK".
    I would love to.
    Now since you will be my EMPLOYER I hope that means you will be paying for transportation since it is out of my state. I don't fly so I guess it will have to be bus or train tickets. How soon do you want me there as I should give 2 weeks notice to my present employer. And I will have to check with my union to see if I am allowed to sign your DOS contract. I will also need a complete job description, pay scale, and hadicapped accessability to all buildings and areas I will be required to work in.
    I am grateful for this job oppotunity and am sure I can be an asset to your buisness.
    P.S. If you do not provide for transportation it will probably take me quite a while to arrive as I will have to continually stop and purchase extension cords to power and charge my Amigo. And hope nobody unplugs them on my trip which will probably take the better part of a year to get there.

    :) LMAO :)

  11. Great photos of the animals. What a great thing you are involved in.
    Can you email me some goats and a pair of llamas? Oh, and a cow and a....

  12. Ahhh...greywolf! You are cracking me up up right now. All I have to say is make sure you read ALL the fine print in that DOS. Really.

    Hope you had a fabulous time at the farm event, Danni. Cant wait to hear all about it. I hope the fundraiser was a huge success. And that you got to give and receive all kinds of animal lovin!

  13. It's amazing how cute animals are after a couple of glasses of wine.

    And my llamas won't let you scratch their bums. They value their personal space.

  14. Great post though I can't imagine goats and horses like wine too much. I can just see a drunken llama plowing through the gates to spend a little quality time with the rowdy goats though ("hey guys, let's get liquored up and scare some chickens!").

    Ah, just kidding. Sounds like a good time and a good cause!

  15. This is such an amazing place. Love the photos of all the different animals there. Sounds like a great event.

  16. You'll have to let me know about this ahead of time next year. I would love to attend. I have yet to meet a llama that liked it's bum scratched. :)


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