Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Day Before

My day today was full of this...


Bathroom cleaning:


Perennial plant trimming:

And chicken coop tidying:

All of this is very important because, tomorrow, company's coming to Critter Farm!

Roxy helped every way she could. She pointed out places I missed with the vacuum:

She tested out the softness of the fresh guest bed sheets:

She got her favorite ball for the vacuum cleaner to throw:

Outside, I had a stern talk with the donkeys on appropriate behavior:

Though I'm not entirely convinced they were listening:

Sparrow was kind enough to help me plan out our menu for the next week:

Back inside the house, Roxy dumped out her toy basket in search of the perfect toy to share with our guest:

and began practicing her best tricks:

Roxy loves it when company comes:

And so do I.


  1. You've been very busy today doing the things I should have been doing around here. I love it when Roxy puts that treat on her nose!

    Please take a moment to go read my yesterday's (Sept 5th) blog post. It mentions you and your blog.

  2. I forgot to mention that your "chicken menu for the week" was way too funny!

  3. So do tell . . . who is the lucky guest that you are so ambitiously preparing for? I love the treat-on-the-nose trick!

  4. HOW FUNNY!!!
    Roxy you are a queen!!
    You guys have fun and I'm glad everyone is pulling their weight!

  5. It's a good thing you have so many helpers or you'd have a lot harder time cleaning and getting ready! Your "menu" sounds intriguing. (I don't think it's wise to let a chicken assist in menu planning!) Enjoy your company! I can't wait to find out who it is!

  6. Well, you are just not thinking here. You are in dire need of a goat to help you...I can tell. What you do is throw those toys or treats under the bed and, with all that hair, Roxy will take care of any dust bunnies you missed. It is a win, win situation. Of course, if you really did have a goat, you would have to use Peanuts. But then goats won't fit into the tight places so well.

  7. Your home is immaculate. I'm sure the Queen will enjoy her stay very much. She likes dogs, you know. And, horses, so I'm sure she'll enjoy the donkeys immensely. I hope you have room for her entire entourage. I suppose they could bunk in with Sparrow and the other girls.

    Tally ho!

  8. I just read who your guest is! You sneaky, sneaky bloggers!

  9. Have a great time with your guest. She's the best!!! She's looking so forward to this trip.

  10. Fruagalmom said she was going to go and work somewhere, not go and get pampered. Looks like you, Rox and Sparrow are doing all the work. Do I sound jealous? You bet!
    She gets to meet you and scratch donkeys.
    Have fun and don't wait till she's gone to post stuff, I want to see whats going on during her visit.

  11. Black olives. Trust me. Add black olives to your menu.

  12. Who's coming, who's coming! I'll be right here, bright and early tomorrow to see who gets you to vacuum under your bed!

  13. That has to be one of the cleanest chicken coops I have ever seen. Your lucky! My girls are slobs! As soon as I go in and tidy up they come in kicking and scratching as if to say, "hey lady, leave our mess!" The worst part is when the stand on top of their waterer and poop! ACK!

  14. You guys better drink a couple of those drinks with the little umbrellas for me! I feel so left behind! ;) I cannot wait to hear all about it!

  15. You guys better have a couple of those drinks with the little umbrellas for me!! I feel so left behind! I wanna see lots of photographic blackmail over at my email!! :)

  16. Love the menu. You two will have a blast!

  17. Okay, the dog is too darn cute and the hen is too darn smart. Now I want to see the day after photo's too! LOL

  18. That chicken menu by Sparrow is hilarious, especially where she says raspberries (fresh). As if! You are one busy lady.


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