Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chicks on Yolk

Yesterday, the chicks got a taste of food other than their normal chick crumble. A few people had recommended that I feed them some hard-boiled egg yolk (this seems so odd to me), as this is what farmers used to feed their chicks back before there was chick starter feed. I gave it a shot and, at first glance, they were *completely* unimpressed.

Here they are, eyeing the new food stuff with suspicion:

After about ten minutes of cautious investigation, however, they suddenly went wild over it. Some began running around their box with bits of egg and pine shavings in their mouths,chirping loudly, which caused the others to make a mad dash after them, trying to grab the delicacy out of their mouths.

(My apologies in advance for my goofy laughter...)

Silly chickens. If they didn't feel it necessary to BROADCAST their SECRET to EVERYBODY, nobody would have chased them to begin with!


  1. I just showed Mike your latest blog and you had him giggling over this video and the roost - he thought it was sooo cute! Good goin chicken mom!

  2. Your laugh is great. The chickies are very active and healthy looking. Getting bigger every day.

    I never fed my chicks egg yolk, but heard that others do it. I did feed them a small quantity of finely chopped greens (not lettuce) like spinach, beet greens or even raw zucchini. They liked dry crushed oatmeal (crushed up to make the grains smaller) and cooked rice too. Just as treats, not in place of their chick food. I am really enjoying your videos!

  3. lol! I love watching chickens chase each other for food. You're right--why don't they just sneak away in silence and eat on the sly? No sense, those birds.

    When they get big, give them some purple grapes. When they figure out what they've got, they'll go nuts eating them (and fighting each other for them).

  4. This CRACKS me up!!! Woops maybe thats the wrong term...makes me laugh!!! Ha Ha!!!
    Another video for the kids to laugh at!

  5. Sadly, this is EXACTLY what happens anytime Peanut munching is herd. Mob rule takes over and it is 'Goatie-Bar-The-Door' and every goat for himself.

  6. Very cute! Try dropping a few crickets in there. Chicks (and hens) go nuts!

    We always find crickets in our garage, so they are free!

    If you walk around your property, you'll find a smorgasbord of yummy insects to excite your chicks with. And they'll get tons of healthy proteins and vitamins from these tidbits, too.

    We used to hand-feed crickets to our hens, until their beaks got just a bit too big and sharp for our fingers! hehe

  7. They are definitely some happy chicks. Looks like they sure enjoyed their new food.. Hope you have a great weekend...

  8. Oh Danni, I just loved watching the biddies. You know I must want to see them to wait for my slow dial-up to load the video.
    I think I inherited my love of chickens from my Grandmother. She told me a long long time ago that boiled egg yolks with chopped green onion tops was what she used to feed to her biddies and also fed to some wild baby turkeys she found and raised. And she was an expert biddie raiser too.

  9. They are sooo cute! Thanks for the videos, they are adorable and I am always impressed by how much they are growing. WOW!

  10. Those chicks know good food when they find it - it just took them a bit of investigation to figure it out. Great blog you have here.
    p.s. thanks so much for your kind words about my cat Fritz's passing. I really appreciate it.

  11. and her Mom said,
    That was so much fun watching the chicks. It was good to hear you laugh. I never would have imagined feeding egg yolks to chicks. Thanks for sharing.


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