Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chicken Movie for Grayson

My fluffy girls have a new fan. Two-year-old Grayson, son of blogger "frugalmom" at Everyday Happenings of a Frugal Mom, has become quite enchanted with the videos of my spring chicks and has been making his Mama a bit crazy with repeated, persistent requests for: "Chicken movie, chicken movie?" Mama, watch chicken movie?".

To please wee Grayson, and hopefully ease his mom's pain a bit, here's a short, new, chick flick especially for Grayson:

And for the rest of you, who likely grow weary of all my chick talk, if you want to see one really cute little boy, take a look at frugalmom's blog post from February 25th: Just Livin'.

We appreciate your steadfast support, Grayson. The chicks will be signing autographs for you just as soon as I can teach them to hold a pencil.


  1. That was super cool of you to make that movie and dedicate it to Grayson. He heard his name and was so excited! He said, Me, Me, Me...Grayson! Then, of course, we had to watch the movie. And he loved the part when you said they were drinking the water. It was kinda funny because you and I said pretty much at the same time that they were drinking water. I think his favorites must be the Top Hats because he sees them and has to say, Ball, Ball, Ball. You have got to understand that this kid just loves to hear himself talk. He will repeat, repeat, repeat. Makes me a little crazy by the end of the day!

    Thank you so much for doing that for him.

  2. That was way too cute! They are getting big. I noticed you raised the water fountain up and also provided them with mini-roosts. Great ideas. See, you are a very good Mother Hen. You had nothing to worry about. I really enjoy hearing their little "peeps".

  3. Sounds like Grayson has a fan!

  4. That was awesome :D

    Have you see Grayson's response? It is incredibly cute.

  5. My son loves the one with the puff ball on it's head. I never tire of hearing about your chicks.

  6. That's funny!
    How nice of you!
    The chicks are already bigger!

  7. Hi all who love critters,
    I once raised some ducklings in my house in preparation to enjoy their company at the little pond on my property. I also had a parakeet, Sam, who was my buddy in the house. I felt he would enjoy the company of ducklings so kept them all in the same room in my house.
    Every morning I would go in to get my ducklings to take them for a walk outside…. “Duck Duck Duck” in a high voice I would call to them as I went into the room and they knew it was time to follow me around the yard. They all grew sturdy and strong and eventually were on their way to life in the pond during the day and in their duck house at night. “Duck Duck Duck” and they would always follow me where ever I went. Later that summer as I was visiting with my parakeet Sam, he turned to me and said “Duck Duck Duck” in a high pitched voice reminding me of my days with my ducklings and probably that he really missed their company!!!

  8. I can attest to frugalmom's description of her son. He is very persistant. And completely adorable. Thanks for taking the time to give him such a great gift. And keep the chicken info coming. You are inspiring me to get my own flock!

  9. Hi frugalmom - Grayson's video "acceptance speech" was soooo cute...did he really call me "Miss Danni"?? No thanks necessary - I was happy to do it, truly!

    Hi Judy - if you haven't been over to frugalmom's blog, you've got to go see Grayson's video response. It's adorable!!

    Hey Robin - Eerie, ain't it?! :-D

    Hi farmerjen - so kind of you to notice! It was funny that you pointed out my roost...I immediately thought "oh no..she noticed..and I was going to blog on their new roost, too"... :-) That's ok - I still did it!

    Hi fay - Yes, sigh, I'm a softie for little boys. Mine are all big now.

    Hi meg - I did - isn't he the sweetest?

    Hi christy - Thanks for saying so...I love writing about them. I am absolutely enamored with my chicks!

    Gudl - it is CRAZY how fast they are growing. They are changing every day and doing new things.

    Hi eve - what a very cute story - do you plan to have ducks again in the future? My impression of ducks is that they are kinda smelly in comparison to chickens. I may be totally off, though, this is just my experience from the farm sanctuary I volunteer at. Whatever happened to Sam?

    Hi mim - it's funny, my boys are pretty much grown now (19 & 16), but I can easily remember those days of chatty and repetitive conversation...and how tiring it could be! I'll tell you what, though, I really miss those chatty, persistent little guys now. Physically, I could have another baby, but really, what I want is for the ones I already have to be small again! It's bittersweet, truly.


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