Friday, February 6, 2009

Highlights from a trip for two

Now, I'm not sure how interesting the details of my ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND will be to many of you but - while some of the details are clearly on a NTKOB (need to know only basis)- I do have a few highlights that I'd like to share.

The trip from our part of Oregon to Vancouver, B.C. took almost six hours. When we left home, it was pretty darn foggy:

But somewhere part way through the state of Washington, the sun began to shine. It must've been an omen. Look at what I got to do:

Yes, that's right, even though it's illegal to pump gas in Oregon, in Washington everybody gets to do it. Even me:

Driving into downtown Vancouver, B.C., the first thing that struck me was the density:

These sky-high high rises aren't businesses, they are all apartment buildings - and they are everywhere!:

Yet despite its many buildings and enormous population, Vancouver is an incredibly beautiful city that seems to be built with a plan:

There are beautiful parks and pedestrian-friendly places throughout the city.
There are also amazing views:

The small hotel we stayed at was just as lovely and friendly as it was the last time we stayed here in 2001. The staff upgraded us to a corner suite and left us chocolate truffles and bottled water to welcome us:

Once we got settled in our room, we realized we were starving, so we headed into the city to find something to eat. This place was just down the block and I offered Jim the option of stopping here:

...but he said dinner with his wife would be much better (good man):

A Manhattan and a Sea Breeze welcomed us to Canada shortly thereafter:

After dinner, we took a walk. I took this picture to show Roxy that at her place in Vancouver, people arrive in limos and stand in line to get inside:

Hey, guess where people in Vancouver buy their mattresses and beds?:

Why buy a mattress anywhere else?!

We spent the next day delighting in Stanley Park:

When I looked up, this is what I saw. Look at the color of that sky:

We went to see the Beluga whales at the aquarium:

Jim enjoyed taking pictures of me, taking pictures:

When we downloaded the pictures off his camera, this is what we saw. Picture after picture of me with my face obscured. Clicking away. That little boy scares me, by the way:

Little Tiqa, the baby Beluga, stuck pretty close to her mama:

Until she saw this little guy. She was fascinated with him:

She just floated there for the longest time, observing him:

The aquarium is gorgeous. I highly recommend it:

Of course, we did some geocaching. Six different spots, to be exact. We even located a travel bug that came back to Oregon with us:

At the end of the afternoon, we sat in the sun on a bench and watched the people walk by:

Of course, no trip is without its small upsets. See this?:

I mentioned not too long ago that if there is something out there, I will trip over it or fall down it. Add now to the list: "cut myself on it". In my defense, it was a very tight squeeze between the end of the bed and the t.v. cabinet. It was the edge of the cabinet that got me:

And lest you think I'm just a big whiner, here's a picture of the nasty wound!! (whine, whine) Ok...maybe it felt a lot worse than it looked):

Fortunately, the monogrammed bathrobes in our room made me feel much better about the whole thing:

Sunday brought early morning snow and then rain:

We visited Granville Island - an artist community with many small stores, restaurants and a very fun public market:

Here, we envisioned new nightstand lamps for our bedroom:

We tried on hats at the hat store:

Jim won't let me share his pic, but here's his hat:

And though it's clear they were shipped in from far off locations, the colors of the foods and fruits at the Public Market were amazing. They positively soothed my eyes after the winter we've had so far:

I, of course, oogled the desserts:

and appreciated the pretty cookies and baked goods:

For the trip back home, we bought a marriage pie, though we didn't know what was inside it (marriage is FULL of surprises, isn't it?):

We're still not certain what it was we ate, but it wasn't bad:

As we headed back toward home, we saw scores of these beautiful bald eagles, about 5 miles from the Canadian/U.S. border, outside a town I think was called Delta. It's good to know they are thriving here:

Back into the states we drove - the border crossing has been totally remodeled and is very different from the last time we crossed:

Who knew that Lacey, Washington - home of the enormous, new Cabella's store - was right off the freeway?? We just had to stop:

This place is wild:

Who *doesn't* need a quiver duck butt???:

or a zip saw to cut through pelvic bones:

But I settled for the frontier farm instead:

When we got home, my donkey was reading a magazine and Roxy was waiting for us to throw her ball:

My mom and Bill, who had cared for the farm during our absence, had left us a wonderful dinner: roast beef, green beans, potatoes (and not pictured but included: delicious earth bread!):

We had a wonderful time. I love travelling with my man. It makes me very happy.
The End.


  1. Wow, what a fun trip. I feel like I just got back from vacation reading it. Mr. Nut and I honeymooned in BC too. We love going there. We stayed in Victoria, Nanamio, Tofino, and Vancouver too. Such nice people in Canada too. A couple of summers ago we went to the Okanagan area and toured wineries and stayed at a B&B. Also a great trip. Welcome home! Love the Frontier Farm kit!

  2. What a wonderful annaversary trip! I really love these pics. I think the baby beluga thought that little boy behind the glass was pretty interesting ay!?

  3. Wow, looks like a fantastic trip!! I had to giggle at the little farm, nice souvenir.

  4. I have no idea where to start! So many pictures! That little boy kinda scares me too. lol

    Love Roxie's new haircut. Cracking up at the Swedish Touch place. And Cabela's - I laughed so loud I had to explain to my husband what was so funny.

    It sounds like a great trip! I'm glad you're back.

  5. I am glad you are back too. Wonderful photos and stories! Sounds (and looks) like you two had a great time away. Very romantic, very relaxing. The marriage pie looked like maybe it had almond paste in it? I really like your Frontier Farm souvenier too. Much better than the zip saw for cutting pelvic bones thing. I bet all of your critters are glad to have you home. Even that magazine-reading donkey of yours. (Cracked me up!)

  6. On my must see list. One day......

  7. I love your playset! The pictures are awesome. I've never seen a sign that says welcome to the US. That market looks fabulous. Glad y'all had a great trip!

  8. Glad you had such a good time. I just love Granville Island and the wonderful market there. Makes me want to go back.

  9. Sigh....makes me a little homesick. I love Granville Market and had kind of forgotten about it until I saw the pictures. I would love to go back there again. Looks like you had a super time (despite the wound) and a fitting celebration for your anniversary. Congrats!

  10. I've been wondering all week where you've been - thought it might have been so sunny in Canada that you ran away for more than the weekend. Looks like you had a mahhvelous time. I was drooling over the market pictures, then when you showed us Cabela's, I about lost it. I've only been to their catalog and am very envious.

  11. All that fun packed into one weekend, how fun!

    We went to Marine Land in Canada (by the falls) and we got to pet the Baluga Whales, $8 each but I thought it was worth it.

    I love your little farm, I have farm envy. We have a Cabela's near us, I may have to go see if I can find me one.

    Everytime the Rox gets a haircut, she looks like a young pup, so adorable.

  12. Sounds like fun. We too have a Cabella's store close - it's quite an adventure to go there isn't it.
    Perhaps if I'm ever out that direction I'll get up to Vancouver.

  13. Great pictures, Daniella! I am so very glad you enjoyed every minute of it. And the major wound? It looked enormous and life threatening to me. Are you sure you should be out of the ER yet?
    Getting the reading donkey to stay on the couch was not easy. Roxy spotted him, growled menacingly, grabbed him, shook him around her ears and finally tossed him across the room. We re-instated him and distracted Roxy from further homeland defense.

  14. Glad you had such a wonderful time Danni. :)

  15. Wonderful trip essay! I want to go somewhere, anywhere with my hubby! I'm so glad you had such a great time.
    It's really not fair, on so many levels, that your folks made you dinner for when you got home AND took care of your place while you were gone. :)

  16. I look like that EVERY time I pump my gas, too.

    Were those dark chocolate truffles?

    That little boy in the yellow coat....hes kinda freaking me out a bit...did he stand there the whole time you were taking pictures?

    And the hats? Loving the hats. I can so see Mr Jim in that hat.

    A quiver duck butt. Really?

  17. Well, sorry about your boo-boo, but the bandaid looked pretty spiffy, and looks like otherwise you had an absolutely WONDERFUL trip. Guess I'll put Vancouver on my "some day I'd like to go there" list, Glad you had such a good time!

  18. What a great trip, Danni, and great pics :) so glad your anniversary was and excellent one!

  19. What a beautiful romantic get-away! And such nice weather too. Congratulations for another happy year under your belt. That Jim of yours is such a romantic!

  20. It's fun to see my city through another's eyes. Granville Island is one of my favourite places to spend a few hours.

    I'm glad you had a good time. I hope we treated you well!

  21. It all looks very nice, but I am disappointed there were no pictures of goats. After all, I KNOW there are goats in Washington. :)

  22. Isn't Vancouver wonderful! I've been there twice and loved it both times.It's a "comfortable" city and beautiful. What a nice trip for you.
    Love the hat!

  23. Hey Danni,
    The trip sounds wonderful. The pictures are great, even with scary little boys and boo boos. lol...
    I think my favorite is Little Tiqa looking at the child. That is so cool!

    By the way...Miracle Eve is Little Annie's baby. Little Annie is at least 3/4 Boer goat. The daddy is probably White Ears who is about 100% mongrel. Eve is a cutie though. She is even more spoiled than Annie was. Yes, more spoied!
    Annie still is special though. She is almost 2 now.

    It is so nice you got to celebrate your anniversary. Even nicer your husband got to go. Haahaa.
    Just kidding.
    Love the pictures.
    Happy Anniversary!

  24. What a lovely anniversary trip. I am loving that market and all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Oh and that barn is adorable.


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