Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recent Keyword Analysis

I have a statistics counter on my blog. When I click on it, it whispers all sorts of sweet nothings to me like, for example, how many readers I've had, what city and state my readers are located in, what blog post was read and...what words they've queried on (also known as "search terms") to get themselves to my site. That particular piece of information is called "keyword analysis".

Not very farm or country-life oriented, I know, but I'm a bit of a nerd and I enjoy this kind of useless information.

Yesterday's keyword analysis was intriguing to me. All the queries made complete sense to me except for one (please note my appropriate use of the color yellow):

Now, why do you think this person wound up on my site? I (blush) don't talk about *those* kinds of things on my blog and I know I have never used those words in any of my posts.

Turns out, it wasn't something I wrote. It was someone's COMMENT to me on my blog post: Future Farm Boy or Spiderman:

On June 12, 2008 at 3:16 PM, Robin at Seasons Eatings Farm said...
"Spidey is adorable! Don't you love three year olds? I think that's my all-time favorite age.
Sponge Bob looks like he desperately has to pee."

I laughed out loud at this. I just can't take you anywhere, Robin. But, apparently, your comments will follow me forever.
I'm so embarrassed. ;-)


  1. Still begs the question "Who would search something like that?"....

    'wasn't me. I swear!

  2. Do you use SiteMeter as your stats counter? I use them, but only the "free" account which doesn't have all that nerdy info available. At least I don't think it does. Not that I'd have time to look at the analysis anyway...

    I remember that Spidey post and that comment! Ha!

  3. Ha! Somebody either needs a prostate check or they are riding in the car with my husband driving on a long trip.
    Let's see how many keyword hits you get for prostate being mentioned. :)

  4. That is so funny Danni!! Hummmm...for twisted minds like mine this could lead to a whole lot of scheming!!! Ok I’ll try to refrain!
    Sadly I didn't read this one before I commented on yesterdays post! Woops!

  5. {Hatching evil plan...} I bet a person could have a lot of fun with a little insight on how stuff gets catalogued. My dog has fleas...the spider crossed the river...

    I bet you'll have government agents on your doorstep any minute now...wait, that would be mean.

    Sorry, I am such a dork. Good post!

  6. My mother and I love your blog and we're not farmers, nor do we garden, nor do we have donkeys or chickens! We do have cats and dogs and love our animals. Your blog is one of our favorites.
    How do you get the statistics counter for your blog?
    NE Kansas

  7. Lets see how many people look up
    WEIRD POTTY DREAMS! We may have to start a club.

  8. Yeah right! I'm having a hard time even imagining you as the blushing, overly embarrased type!! ;) It does make me want to make a list of synonyms on here for male anatomy though.....just to see what kind of hits that'll get you!!LOL!


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