Monday, November 12, 2007

What will I do on my 7.62 acres? (Cont'd from 10/26/07)

I'm sitting here today getting my mind around why I am pushing so hard for this move. What is there for me on 7 1/2 acres that propels me physically and mentally away from a most comfortable city life? There are so many unknowns. What do I really know about our future on this land?

I know for sure that:

  1. We will have chickens. I like chickens.
  2. We will have goats. Goats are funny.
  3. We will grow sunflowers and other pretty blooming things. I'm good at this.
  4. We will have some fruit trees. I've never had those before.
  5. I will bake some amazing bread. Bread is an incredible comfort food.
  6. There are surprises ahead for us. These surprises will be both good and bad.

What I, personally, would like is:

  1. to take in abandoned, neglected or abused animals.
  2. to create a calm and safe home for them.
  3. to learn the difference between hay and straw. :-)
  4. to have one or two horses (Jim isn't convinced yet).

What I don't know yet is:

  1. how to help my animals most effectively.
  2. how I will afford all this.
  3. whether to create an official sanctuary or refuge.
  4. if I should establish a 501 (c) (3) non-profit as a means for support.
  5. if I should market the farm as a learning tool for children and their parents, allowing them access to and experience with animals they might not see every day.
  6. whether I will have enough free-range eggs from my incredibly happy hens to give to all my friends who are anxious for them. :-)

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  1. I don't even know if you will get this for a post so old but....what I would love to hear you muse about are the things you wrote on this day, Nov 12, 2007, wondering what was in store. I would love to hear about how you think things are now in comparison to what you thought they would be. What is as expected and what is not expected. You are such a lovely writer. I almost feel as if you are right next door they way you bring folks into your life on the farm. Thanks for sharing! Consider the reflections back (you may have done this within the past year...I just discovered your blog recently) sincerely Jane Keith


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