Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Picture of the Day: Covered Bridge outside Scio, Oregon

One of the many covered bridges in Linn County, Oregon, the covered bridge capital of the West.

I think this pic is cool for a number of reasons:
  1. Aesthetically, I love the the shapes and shadowing of this covered bridge and how the perspective goes from a wide view to a narrower focus on the distance.

  2. It fits the title of my blog page, "On the road to Critter Farm" very well. When I took this picture, we were, indeed, on the road to a critter farm: the Lighthouse Farm Animal Sanctuary, http://www.lighthousefarmsanctuary.org/ .

  3. I like to find metaphors for life in my pictures. I view this image as a metaphor for my own life: I am currently someplace beautiful and the road ahead, although quite different from where I am now, will be equally beautiful. In other words, slow down, enjoy where I am presently, all things in moderation, cautiously dream of tomorrow. I have a good life now even though I feel the future holds bright things. (Don't you think a lot of us need occasional small reminders to enjoy each day and not be perpetually tunnel-vision-focused on the future?)

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