Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The day Honey refused

What started out as just a little bit on Saturday night:
...became this on Sunday:
which turned into this on Monday:
 and looked like this  when we awoke this morning:
Honey made it very clear she wasn't going to get out of bed today:
No way, no how:
And no kind of enticement could convince her otherwise:
Though she was most happy to be served breakfast in bed:
Roxy, my farm pup, also opted out of her farm duties today:
Even when I gave her a choice of her three favorite winter sweaters...:
she decided that she, too, would prefer to stay in bed today.

So, minus two of my farm friends, I started the rather lonely hike up to the barn:
But, hearing something behind me, I turned around to find my faithful buddy, George, waiting for me at his usual morning spot:
And though I think he got a bit of a shock at how deep the snow was...:
he valiantly tried to follow me in the footsteps I left behind:
 I took pity on him and gave him a lift part of the way to the barn:
I think he appreciated this:
And on the trek up that hill, it was good to have a buddy:
Kai llama greeted us with a smile.  She loves this weather:
Beau, however, was still wondering why I haven't brought him his winter hat:
And Chester, just like every other morning, proclaimed his concern over why breakfast was late:
Once everything was mucked out and all were happily fed at the barn:
I headed off to the goats.  On the way, I stopped to admire the remains of the deer-netting around my lower garden.  Hmpf:
Pete and Reggie would not have chosen to come out today:
But, as a special favor to me (they are such good boys), they did finally step outside for a moment:
But literally, it was just for a moment:
In the end, they would've been happy to stand right here - just like this - and look at me all day.  Silly goats:
Excited, chattery noises from the chicken coop told me the chickens knew I was on my way with breakfast:
These girls (and boy) have seen snow quite a few times over their almost four years of life, but it's still a very scary thing when they are reintroduced to it:
And nobody likes it when a huge drift of snow falls from the trees overhead onto the chicken run roofing:
When I returned to the house after feeding, Honey still refused to come out:
...which made her more than a wee bit indignant when I had to pull  her out so I could clean out her crate:
In the end, she did agree to do a quick lap around the deck to stretch her legs for a moment:
but then...
she went right...
back to bed:
And she has stayed there all day:
Smart girl...:


  1. I wondered how you'd fare when I saw the weather predictions for Oregon. Stay dry!!

  2. Honey is one smart hen. She knows were she needs to be.
    Love the photos and the first snow pictures.
    Your cat is a brave one. Can't believe she just walked right out there with you. How sweet that you carried her.
    Lovely post.

  3. I love your farm stories. And I am so proud of George for braving that deep snow. Cats really don't like to be wet or cold. He is a very special kitty. And yes, I could tell that he appreciated the lift you gave him. Honey is funny. And cute.

  4. I have family north of Seattle and have been seeing pics of their snow. Looks the same as yours. We had a high of 67 yesterday, where-as last year this time we were iced in several days.
    Don't blame them animals for staying in.

  5. I'd be snuggled in right there with them two, what wise creatures that Honey and Roxy are!!

  6. Wow. And there are so many people wanting snow and not getting any.

    Glad to see everyone is doing okay, though. I know you would have preferred to stay in bed, too. ;)

    George is a great kitty! :)

  7. Aww, what a lovely post! I especially liked the part about George; barn cats are just so loyal :) Mine follow me through the thickest snow when no one else will too :)

  8. Awesome photos! It is beautiful there with all that snow even if none of the animals like it.

    I seriously love that cat. He's so handsome.

  9. Great pictures, very pretty. Poor Honey, don't blame her a bit. We had snow here also, but not as much as you had. Your stories about animals are so funny; I can just hear them saying this to you.

  10. I know how they feel, kinda wanted to have breakfast in bed myself this morning. Roxy's look at those sweaters is like "Get those away from me I'm staying in bed" and George in that second photo looks to be saying "Could you shuffle your feet a bit more"! Stay warm and somewhat dry!

  11. Honey proves yet again what a smart girl she is. I've been watching your forecast, waiting for these pictures. Looks like George is expecting you to shovel him a little path. What a fine companion he has become.

  12. It's one of those days to finish the outside chores, go into the house, start a fire, and stay into crochet, knit or what ever hobby you like. Stay warm!!

  13. You got a lot of snow! Wow! Your pictures are great illustrations of your story. I love the picture of Roxie barely putting her butt down in the little bit of snow.
    George is such a faithful follower!

  14. Okay, if you carried George, then who took the picture? Ah, ha! Critter farm has a ghost! I, myself, think it is atrocious behavior that the goat boys set foot outside the barn. Very un-goatlike. Honey, on the other hand, I will make an honorary goat. Very smart chicken, if you ask me. Believe me when I say no one here is stepping out in this stuff - well, except the Mighty Quinn who sees it as a nose snow shovel opportunity. Stay warm!

  15. I don't know how old George is, but he has never had it so good. Until he met you, Critter Farm Mom, he had to fend for himself and certainly never was carried in loving arms up to his food source. His face tells it all: triumphantly content! George has a way of showing his appreciation. Too bad Wolfi insists on chasing him.

    And Honey - I don't believe she knows she is a chicken. Did you have something to do with that?

    Kai LLama is happy in her surroundings no matter what the weather. But the goat boys and donkey fellows are really wimpy in my opinion. They need jobs!

    I love the last photo! Everything looks so beautiful and I can almost hear the quiet.

  16. We're getting loads of the stuff too. Our dogs have both been pleading with us not to go outside in the minus 20 degree (Celcius) weather, too. Once they're out there though, they start to play and romp in the snow and have a great time.

    If that isn't a look of adoration on George's face, I don't know what is. He's a sweet boy, that fella. Give him a big squeeze from me.


  17. I had no idea you had snow, I guess I've not paid attention to the news lately. Those guests at Critter Farm really have it made with you as their mom. Love the sweet face on George as he hitches a ride down to the barn ... and Honey truly is a crack-up! What a smart, albeit stubborn, chicken.

  18. I must admit I'm a little jealous of the snow. Kai and I would understand each other, I suspect.

    George the Intrepid always has your back, doesn't he? Loved those pics. He is a lovely cat.

    Ahhh, Honey. Like Justina's Patrick, and LC's Alan, Honey holds a very special place in my heart.

  19. so many things to say and not enough brain power to do it; but briefly: how'd you get that pic of Roxy with "snow" and no footprints... pretty clever girl you are! and what a faithful companion George has turned out to be; it is heartwarming; and Honey? well, we all knew she was a smart girl

    thanks for the lovely shots and poetic narration as always :)

  20. Smart animals! They get to stay out of the weather and have you come look after them. :)
    I see by FB status that you've lost power. That snow looks very heavy and wet. I hope it melts away quickly and normal power is restored soon.
    Stay warm!!

  21. Isn't it funny how we have our favorite blogger critters? Here it is Ellsworth(Morning Bray), Lucy (7MSN)and your George. Honey seems to have more personality than your average chicken-but then she isn't average!

  22. I don't think I've ever seen a chicken "puss" face. Poor Honey. How funny!

  23. this is so cute! honey is such a character and a smart girl! you could send some of that snow this way!!! i would appreciate it very much!

  24. why does Honey live by herself and not with the other chickens??? Just being curious! Hope it is not a health problem with her.

  25. At least it looks warm out. I don't blame the critters for laying low.

  26. I just love your blog and all your beautiful critters! Thank you for sharing! Meghan

  27. I just love your blog and all your beautiful critters! Thank you for sharing! Meghan

  28. great pictures of your animals and all the snow..better you than us..it's cold here but only got a few inches last Friday...

  29. LOLOL. Reminds me of our "big" snow last year (7 inches, well, that was huge for us), a day no chicken would go outside. Looks like winter has arrived at last.

  30. For Anonymous: You asked why Honey lives by herself and, fear not, it is not because of health problems.
    You can read about Honey's history (and why she has chosen to live on my kitchen porch) here:
    - and here -


  31. I think this is one of my favorite posts, and that George is my hero !! <3

  32. I so love George! I just want to squeeze him! He looks so much like a cat we used to own. Seems to have the same personality, too. Thank you for the lovely pictures.

  33. Too cute, too cute, just too cute. LOOOVE it!! I get a kick of of Roxy's expression when you asked her which sweater she wants to wear. Ha! She was definitely saying..."uh-uh, I'm not going out there!"

  34. I like your blog very much with all the great pictures which I found via The Perils of Palin.

    I used to have a garden which I wished to keep deer & rabbits out of. Human hair keeps them away. I went to the beauty shop and got all the cut off hair & spread it all around the perimeter. It works!

  35. Oh Danni, that's just gorgeous! I had no idea you got that much snow. We haven't had any here. I'm with Kai, I love the snow and miss it so much. Thanks for all these beautiful pictures. I love how valiantly George tried to follow you. So sweet.

  36. Okay..... I've missed something here. Why does Honey live in a pet porter and not in the coop with the rest of her gang? I so enjoy your blog.... found ya from your visits to 7MSN Ranch.

  37. Hi, looks like we got part of that same system. Brrr. I love that you actually were able to catch Honey venturing out...and then back in.
    My goat girls respond exactly the same as your boys; they have been most vocal over the last week about their discontent with the weather. :)

  38. Hi Teri... Thanks for your comment! If you look above, about 6 comments earlier, I posted two links that tell Honey's story and why she sleeps in a dog crate on my laundry room porch. :-). (spoiler alert: it's 100% her choice!).

  39. You have the CLEANEST barn I have ever seen! My OCD totally approves!

  40. Honey is so smart! ;)

    I am always impressed with how you're able to capture your animal's personalities in pictures and words.

  41. Can you tell me what kind of dog foxy is? I rescued one just like her from the local pound where she was described as a schnauzer..... Mine has a docked tail.


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