Sunday, April 12, 2009

Feeling happy about spring

Hello. It's me, Roxy the farm dog. You haven't heard from me (or my farmgirl) in a while. Over the past few weeks, my farm people have been very busy...travelling to Texas, digging new garden beds, planting, transplanting, pruning, raking and trying to finally finish the clean up of the great mess that winter left behind.

Despite all the work and busy-ness going on around me, I wanted to share with you how happy I'm feeling about spring finally being here:

As you can see, I am feeling *very* happy right now.

I do want to point out, though, that as happy as I am, I also try to do my part to help out. It takes many hands (and paws) to keep a farm running smoothly.

For example, I routinely walk the perimeter of the lawn to make sure all is in order:

I assist in raspberry cane transplanting. Here I am confirming the suitable location that has been chosen:

I point out any debris piles that have been overlooked for pick up:

I let my chickens out each day. See them all waiting for me?:

Once they're out, they tend to run all willy-nilly and it's crucial I stick around to keep them safe:

My mom caught a shot of me through the raspberries and grapes, minding the chickens. In this case, I was keeping an eye on Roopert. Sometimes he sneaks up on me and it kind of freaks me out:

It isn't until all my chickens are safe back in their run that I can finally lie down and rest for a minute:

Funny how sleepy that sunshine can make you:

So, you won't fault me if, after a long day, I like to go inside on my couch and take a nice pup nap, right? Can you see me wrapped inside my favorite blankets?:

Here's to spring!
My farmgirl will be back soon to share what's been going on around here (from her perspective).


  1. Roxy, you are without a doubt, my favourite, most adorable pup! And, you're excellent at Hide & Seek. I almost didn't see your little black eyes in the pile of sweaters.

  2. Roxy, that was a great post! Thanks for sharing your day with us. You give Danni a run for her money on great posting!! Loved the shot of you wrapped up in your favorite blanket. Do you take your pics with a remote or do you set a timer?? :)

  3. Roxy, I'm so glad to see you online! I've missed seeing you and Danni.

    I especially loved the picture of you pointing out the debris pile.

    I hope we hear more from you - and your girl - soon!

  4. Great post Rox!! Did your mom tell you that she'll be adding to your duties soon? I hope she posts pictures. I also hope she picked the one with the pink chain that gives kisses.
    Of course, we all know that mom loves your kisses best. Don't forget that.

  5. That little Roxy is too cute! I love her....

  6. Hello, Roxy! Glad to hear everything is running smoothly--what would the farm do without you?! Obviously it would have trouble.

    Can't wait to hear more.

  7. Now if you aren't the cutest and smartest I don't know who is! Happy Spring to you, Roxy!

  8. Roxy you are one cute gal! Love your pictures.
    Danni, thank-you so much for the birthday comment. It made my day!
    I hope your trip to Texas went well.
    Have a Happy rest of Easter day.

  9. How cute Roxy. It's obvious what a hard worker you are. Glad to see your farmgirl is back home... I've been dropping in looking for news, thinking she ought to be home again!

  10. Everyone should have a helper dog like you!

  11. Hi Roxy!! You sweet thing. Nice to see you!
    I'm looking forward to hearing from your farmgirl too. We sure did miss her!
    Hugs from Daisy Lu!

  12. You have been a very busy doggy! So glad to see you're taking such great care of the chickens.

  13. What a great post! I especially love the pile of twigs shot! What a cute little face! I wish our dog was so well trained! He is just a big couch potato.

  14. Hey, Rox - loved the video. We call those "microbursts." Keep up the good work guarding those chickens so your mom has more time to post farm stories. We've missed you!

  15. Roxy,so good to hear from you! Love your photos, and I wish I had your energy. Spring is indeed good. Glad to know that your Mom is home and busy with the things she loves. We have missed her.

  16. Had to look twice to find Roxy in the blanket. A new series, Waldo is out, Roxy is in!

  17. HI Roxy Girl. It looks like youre being a great helper there on the farm. Im sending you a great big hug right now(oh, and a coffee cookie, too. Make sure mom gives it to you)

    Seeing you next to that overlooked debris pile was a clear sign to me that you take your job very seriously. After all, keeping ALL those overlooked debris piles in check can tend to be a full time job.

    Say Hi to the chickens for me. And dont let Roopert give you a hard time. He can be a little pushy at times, but hes a great guy.

    Happy Spring to you Rox! Ill see you soon. xoxo

  18. Roxy doggy, I know you are a happy Spring dog! You almost ran me over yesterday - and that was IN the house. Your happiness is infectious and certainly makes everyone smile. And at the end of your important busy day, you find comfort in a cozy blanket. Couldn't hide, though, because I know every stitch in it. Keep up the good work, Roxy! Farmgirl needs all the help she can get, especially after the .......... I don't know what happened to my computer, but it quit all of a sudden....

  19. Hi Roxy,
    Goodness you have been hard at work! deserve that nap wrapped all up in your favorite blanket!!
    Tell you mom I loved the pictures and video!

  20. Oh Roxy, you are the cutest pup on the planet. Don't tell T-Bone I said that, but it is true.

  21. How funny! You miss Roxie are the white twin to my black Roxie. She will be 10 years old Oct. 3rd. She runs the same way you do. She loves playing in the snow here in Pa. She doesn't like the rain though. Since we will be moving soon to the Seattle area I am hoping she will start liking the rain a little more. lol

  22. What a cute dog! So full of life and fun.
    Den wuerde ich auch nehmen!! So goldig!

  23. You know Rox, I was soooo excited about the warmer temps outside today, that I went out and ran around in circles JUST like that myself!!

  24. Baby Boy keeps wanting me to play the video over and over again...he just loves your dog!!!

    What a precious member of the family...I hope we will be blessed by such a sweet dog soon! Kim

  25. Dani, how does Roxy stay so clean and presentable? Does she ever roll in shall I say chicken manure. Winslow has a bath at least once aweek out of nesessity. He is always rolling in something. It never occurred to me the "girls" would be providing him with more opportunitis for getting into trouble!


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